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The Holocaust in the News

Netflix to amend Devil Next Door series after Poland complaint (BBC, 15 November 2019)

Author Interview of The Plateau (NPR, 31 August

Antisemitism in US Politics (NPR, 29 August 2019)

The History of "Public Charge" Requirements in U.S. Immigration Law (NPR, 13 August 2019)

What if Instagram Existed During the Holocaust? (Brut., 2 May 2019)

Hungary's New Holocaust Museum Isn't Open Yet, But It's Already Causing Concern (NPR, Joanna Kakissis, 8 February 2019)

A History of When the US Chose Immigrants by Their Country of Origin (13 January 2018, NPR)

What America Taught the Nazis, Ira Katznelson, The Atlantic (November 2017)

'Portugal's Schindler' is Remembered, Decades After His Life-Saving Deeds (NPR, 4 August 2016)

Newly discovered Himmler Diaries being serialized by Bild BBC (2 August 2016); Huffington Post (3 August 20

"Nostra Aetate" Opened Up Catholic, Jewish Relations 50 Years Ago (NPR, 2 November 2015)

"Experimenter" Star Peter Sarsgaard on Stanley Milgrim's Radical Work (NPR, 29 October 2015)

This powerful video shows how racism manifests in America today (Vox Identities, 22 September 2015)

Immortalized as "The Woman in Gold," How a Young Jew Became a Secular Icon (NPR, 23 June 2015)

Varian Fry and the American Rescue Committee (12 March 2015, National WWII Museum)

Searing Memories of Nazi Germany's First Concentration Camp (NPR, 29 April 2015)

Family Film Offers Glimpse of 'Three Minutes in Poland' Before Holocaust (NPR, 16 November 2014)

Picasso, Nazis and a Daring Escape in 'My Grandfather's Gallery' (NPR, 20 September 2014)

Saving the Children (60 Minutes; Bob Simon interviews Sir Nicholas Winton)

For a Rabbi who Worked with the Naizs, is Judgment 'Unjust'?

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