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"... knowing how to read something results almost automatically from knowing why we are reading, and without some purpose, reading is an aimless activity."

Katherine Gottschalk and Keith Hjortshoj, Elements of Teaching Writing: A Resource for Instructors in all Disciplines (2003), 124.

"In truth, history is about facts in much the same way that reading is about the alphabet: facts (and letters) are essential building blocks; without them you cannot do history (or read). But, just as reading necessitates looking at how the letters and words stand in relation to one another (so that you can see the difference between a horse chestnut and a chestnut horse), thinking historically requires going beyond chronology or chronicles and looking at the relations that the facts bear to one another."

Kathry and Luther Spoehr, "Learning to Think Historically," Educational Psychologist 29, no 2 (1994)