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Lesen und Schreiben


Übung 3-10a

Ordering groceries on-line is now common in Germany. The two companies linked below offer a full product line and their websites include images and prices.

  1. Kaufland (Scroll down to the food icons and click on those.)

  2. (Click on the tab "Einkaufen" on the upper left.)

Note that weights are marked in kilos (Kilogramm, abbreviated kg) and in hundred-gram (Gramm, abbreviated g) increments. Other quantities include "Stück" (literally "piece", so it would be "each"), "Dose" (can), "Glas" (jar), "Beutel" (bag), or "Schachtel" (box), among others. Liquids are measured in liters and milliliters (Liter und Milliliter, abbreviated l and ml). See the Seite 5.


  1. Pretend that you just moved into a new dwelling in Germany and you want to have a well-stocked kitchen with a variety of things to eat and drink (not 50 frozen pizzas).

  2. Write out your list to include the product, unit (by the kilo, bag, carton, bottle, etc.), price, how much you buy, and the total for that product. Use the lists below as a model.

  3. Create a list with a total of 10 different items, including 5 items from each store.

  4. Include a total amount spent.

  5. Submit the lists in an MS-Word document to the designated assignment folder on BOLT. Include Übung 3-10b below in the same document.

Ich kaufe bei
ProduktEinheitPreisIch kaufeSumme
Kartoffeln1 kg2,99 €2 Kilo5,98 €
Grapefruit1 Stück,89 €1 Stück3,56 €

Ich kaufe bei
ProduktEinheitPreisIch kaufeSumme
Paprika (rot)500 g1,99 €500 g1,99 €
Orangensaft1 l1,69 €2 l3,38 €
Spinat300 g1,99 €600 g3,98 €

Gesamtsumme: 18,83 €

Essen und Einkaufen: Aufsatz

Übung 3-10b Read this section carefully and completely before beginning.

guide questions

  • Wo kann Sabine Gurken kaufen?
  • Wo kann Sabine Brötchen kaufen?
  • Wo kann Sabine Rumpsteak kaufen?
  • Was mag Sabine?
  • Was möchte Sabine im Restaurant bestellen? (Seite 1 und Seite 6)
  • Was findet Sabine sehr lecker?
  • Was mag Sabine nicht?
  • Was schmeckt Sabine nicht so gut?
  • Was isst und trinkt Sabine gern zum Frühstück?
  • Was isst und trinkt Sabine gern zum Mittagessen?
  • Was isst und trinkt Sabine gern zum Abendessen?

  1. Write about the following people's shopping and food using the questions above as a guide:
    1. ich
    2. Marion und Lars (use them as one subject, such as Marion und Lars können Tomaten auf dem Markt kaufen.
    3. Markus
  2. Write four sentences for each of the three for a total twelve sentences.
  3. Do not repeat any foods.
  4. Write complete sentences.
  5. Do not write questions. Do not answer the questions. The questions above are just a guide. For example, you read above: Wo kann Sabine Gurken kaufen? You could use this prompt to write "Markus und Lars können Gurken auf dem Markt kaufen." (Do not use this example in your composition.)
  6. You are not limited to the questions.
  7. Submit the assignment in the same document as Übung 3-10a to the designated folder under "Assignments" on BOLT.