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GERMAN 2 continues the study of German language and culture. The textbook components include a hard copy set of materials to be used during class sessions and an on-line site. Much of the material in the hard copy text will be reproduced on the textbook's website. The website will contain links to audio files, video files, on-line exercises and quizzes for homework, and to cultural information. For example, the images of the national flags of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland below are linked to the CIA Factbook site for these three German-speaking countries:

CIA Factbook: Switzerland

CIA Factbook: Austria

CIA Factbook: Germany
Students will be directed to go to these sites for basic information in English about government, economy, demographics, and other facts regarding German-speaking countries.

Follow this link for maps of Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and Europe:

Maps of Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Europe

German 2 seeks to continue developing skills in speaking, reading, writing, and listening in German. German language study is integrated in contexts: social situations, authentic tasks (such as giving directions or describing people), games, exchanging information, and culture (such as literary readings).

By the end of German 2 you will develop abilities in such areas as making plans, expressing opinions, talking about events in the past, discussing culture, and finding out about current events.

For further information, please see the syllabus by following this link: German 2 Syllabus
Please note: There will be a quiz on the content of the syllabus.

Why study German?

German is the official national language in three countries with widely diverse cultural, political, and economic traditions: The Federal Republic of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. More Europeans (approximately 100 million) are native speakers of German than of any other language. Germany has the largest european economy is America's top trading partner in Europe.

Look here for tons of good reasons to learn German: It Pays to Know German!

Look here for tons more reasons to learn German: Just Add German

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