Calculus I  - Math 125  

Gateway #4 - October 16-18

Review Session: Thursday, October 17

Fall 2013 - Sections 1 and 2

Professor: Dr. John Polhill

Welcome to the homepage for Dr. Polhill's sections of Calculus I for the Fall 2013 semester.   Below are syllabi and some other links as well.  The last two links have some old quizzes and exams that you might find useful for study purposes as the semester progresses.  This page has not been updated for 2013 except for the following link to old Precalculus exams for the Gateways.

Old Precalculus Exams:

Exam 1

Exam 2

Exam 3

Exam 4

Exam 5

 10:00 Syllabus

11:00 Syllabus

First Gateway Exam

Second Gateway Exam

Third Gateway Exam

 Handouts from Previous Semesters

Finding Limits by Graphical, Numerical, and Analytical Techniques

The Definition of the Derivative 

Practice Exam 1 (for the in-class portion)



Quiz solutions

Exam Schedule and Review