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News Stories

"Paintings by Adolf Hitler 'Unremarkable,' So Why Forge Them?" (Opinion, Scott Simon, NPR, 9 February 2019)

Author Says Hitler was 'Blitzed'on Cocaine and Opiates during the War (NPR Fresh Air, 7 March 2017)

A novelist explores the Wilhelm Gustloff tragedy and talks about it in this story: More died on this WWII Ship than on the Titainic and Lusitania Combined (NPR, 17 February 2016)

Guenter Schabowski, the Man Who Opened the Wall (Opinion, The New York Times, 6 November 2015)

Berlin Wall blunderer Guenter Schabowski dies at 86 (BBC, 1 November 2015)

In what contexts, if any, is humor about the Holocaust or Nazis appropriate? Check out this episode of Back in Black from Daily Show (aired on 14 May 2015).

Searing Memories of Nazi Germany's First Concentration Camp (NPR, 29 April 2015)

Berlin's 'Palace of Tears,' A Reminder of Divided Families, Despair (NPR, 10 November 2014)

Germany's Merkel: Fall of Berlin Wall Shows Dreams Come True (NPR, 9 November 2014)

How Mr. Hasselhoff Tore Down this Wall (NPR, 9 November 2014)

In Berlin, A Beat that Bloomed from Rubble (NPR, 9 november 2014)

25 Years Later: Looking Back on the Fall of the Berlin Wall (NPR, 9 November 2014)