Die Friedrich-Schiller-Universität

in Jena, Germany

The FSU is a study-abroad exchange partner with Bloomsburg University.


  1. BU students study for one or two semesters in Jena. We strongly encourage students to study abroad for two semesters, especially if German will be part of future career plans (such as teaching) or if a student is planning to apply to graduate school.
  2. The winter semester begins at the beginning of October and ends in February. The summer semester begins at the beginning of April and ends in July.
  3. Our students enjoy a full week of orientation to adjust to the university, the city, and to help get settled in.
  4. Students take courses in German language, literature, culture and history. These courses are adapted to their linguistic abilities.
  5. A limited number of courses taught in English in other disciplines are available.
  6. The university offers optional low-cost excursions to other German cities as extra-curricular events.
  7. Students take 12 to 18 credit hours. German majors must transfer a minimum of 15 credit hours.
  8. All credits transfer as per advisement with the program director.