Die Friedrich-Schiller-Universität

in Jena, Germany

The FSU is a study-abroad exchange partner with Bloomsburg University.

Study in Jena costs no more, or even less than studying in Bloomsburg.

  1. Students pay tuition and fees at Bloomsburg University, the same as if they were taking classes in Bloomsburg.
  2. Financial aid and grants apply to study in Jena as they would at Bloomsburg.
  3. SCHOLARSHIPS are available specifically for BU students who study abroad on exchange programs.
  4. Students pay minor fees to cover health insurance, incidental program costs, and the student identification. This ID not only allows access to university facilities, such as the library, but is good for student discounts, and permits free travel on all public transportation!
  5. Room and board varies, but costs much less than in Bloomsburg. Housing generally is between $250 and $300 per month for a dorm room (all dorm rooms are single or single bedrooms in apartment-like suites). The rooms are very clean and accomodating. Although there is no meal plan as we know it, the university dining halls offer a wide variety of midday meals at a very low price. Otherwise, students generally prepare their own meals in the dormitory.
  6. See the study guide published in German and in English by the FSU International Office: FSU Study Guide 2019
  7. Travel to Jena includes air fare to Frankfurt am Main and then railway fare to Jena (about a three-hour train ride). Travel costs vary widely. In the past, students have taken advantage of off-season rates and have purchased one-way plane tickets for as low as around $300. The train costs approximately $90 one way.