Dr. Deborah Stryker Program Coordinator, Education of the Deaf/HH, SLED Faculty Advisor


  • American Sign Language I
  • History, Education, & Guidance of the Deaf
  • Practicum at Camp HERO
  • ASL/Signed English in Educational Settings
  • Practicum with Deaf/Hard of Hearing
  • Language of the Deaf I and II
  • Counseling Individuals with Special Needs
  • Research in Deaf Education
  • Student Teaching Deaf/HH
  • Seminar for Student Teachers

Professional Presentations

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Camp Experiences

As a part of the ciriculum in the BloomU Education of the Deaf/HH program, students take part in two summer camps.

Image of Events at Mini-Camp


SLED Students

SLED helps raise funds to help send children to Camp HERO.