Ornithology (50.459/559)

Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania



Summer 2007


3 Week Field Ornithology


Instructor Information:

Clay E. Corbin, PhD
Office:  HSC 173
Phone: 570.389.4134


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Course Materials:



Additional Readings


Final Exam Materials with Links to Research Presentations


  1. Syllabus

  2. Schedule

  3. Lecture notes

  4. Research Project Ideas

  5. Pigeon Dissection Materials

  6.     Dissection Guide

  7.     Addendum

  8. List of required vocalizations

  9.     Vocalization Mnemonics by Tomm Lorenzin

  10. Readings

  11. Time-budget Excel sheet

  12. Marine Science Consortium Schedule of Fees

  13. The Pennsylvania Breeding Bird Atlas Home Page