Karl W. Henry, Jr., Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Department of Biological and Allied Health Sciences

Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania


Welcome to my home page!

Karl Henry

This is the website of Karl W. Henry Jr., Assistant Professor in the Department of Biological and Allied Health Sciences at Bloomsburg University.

This site is modified as needed. Feel free to investigate the different areas of the website for more information on the courses I teach, research projects and other items that may be of interest. Check back again soon for changes and more information.


Recommendation letters: If you are a former or current student of mine and would like a recommendation letter from me, I am more than happy to provide one. There are several things that I will need in order to write a good letter that will help you. Because I spend a lot of time on my teaching, advising, student research, and (the ever increasing amounts of) administrative/committee work, you need to ask me for a letter at least 4 to 6 weeks before the due date so I can schedule enough time to go over your materials and write a quality letter for you. If you do not give me that much time, I will not be able to write a letter for you. When you come to me, please have all of the material that I will need to write you a letter. This should include: the date that you need the recommendation, contact information (where does it need to go), a resume or CV that provides a little information about yourself, a copy of your current transcript and a personal statement/paragraph telling me why you are applying (what is it about the position/program/internship that excites you).