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The College of Science and Technology at Bloomsburg University is a resource for the surrounding community in northeastern Pennsylvania and strives to become more active in partnering with various regional organizations. Through the Math and Science Resource Center (MSRC), the College has provided workshops and summer camps for local school-aged children, conferences for area secondary teachers, and other outreach programs. The MSRC seeks to expand these opportunities for local school students and teachers and also to cooperate with local businesses and organizations to promote careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

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Research Interests The graph to the left is a (7,3,1)-symmetric design. There are 7 numbered points and 7 lines (when you include the circle). Each of the points is on 3 lines, and each line has 3 points on it. The key feature is that any two points are on exactly 1 line together. If you want more information on these designs, click here.
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This is a (9,4,1,2)-strongly regular graph. Each of the 9 vertices has valency 4, and any pair of vertices (x,y) will share an edge with 1 or 2 common vertices z as x and y are adjacent or nonadjacent. One question that interests mathematicians is, "For what values of v, k, l , and u do (v,k,l,u)-strongly regular graphs exist?" Brouwer has constructed a table which provides our current best answer to this question. But there are still many more values of v, k, l, and u for which the answer is not yet determined.

Brouwer's Table