10 Reasons to be a Math Major at Bloomsburg University  

(1)   The professors in the department are friendly and approachable, and will gladly answer your questions.  In fact, if you have any questions about the math major feel free to contact me, Dr. John Polhill, at jpolhill@bloomu.edu.  

(2)   We have several options within the major.  You can get a B.A. or B.S. degree in mathematics.  With the B.A. degree you could double major in secondary education, or you could get a B.A. with our statistics track.  The statistics track is an excellent option for many career choices.  With our B.S. degree, you choose an area of concentration from the following: physics, applied math, computer science, actuarial science, statistics, or graduate school preparation.  These concentrations prepare you for specific careers or further education.  

(3)   We have a strong placement record of majors.  In fact, “Bloomsburg's mathematics program enjoys a strong reputation in both business and the academic community. 

(4) Each year we have students participate in COMAP’s math modeling contest MCM.  In fact, we recently had a team outplace teams from Cal Tech and MIT!  If you want to know what COMAP and MCM mean, or you have any other questions about the contest, contact Dr. Kevin Ferland at kferland@bloomu.edu.  You could also check out the COMAP page at http://www.comap.com/undergraduate/contests/.  

(5)   We have an active math club.  In the past, the math club has done such activities as skiing, visiting a haunted house, and playing miniature golf.  They also have a picnic every spring.  Contact Dr. Lisa Lister at llister@bloomu.edu for information.

(6) We have a math/computer science lab, McCormick 1146.  This is a great place to get extra help in your math and computer science courses, and also provides an opportunity to make some money if there is a math or computer science course that you can tutor.  Contact Dr. Lister at llister@bloomu.edu for more information.  

(7)   If you excel in your math courses, you can join our local chapter of Kappa Mu Epsilon, or KME, the math honors society.  Being a member of KME looks great on a resume, and as a member of KME can enrich your college experience in mathematics.  Contact Dr. William Calhoun at wcalhoun@bloomu.edu or Dr. Elizabeth Mauch at emauch@bloomu.edu for more information, or go to the homepage for KME http://www.kappamuepsilon.org/.

(8)   Every November we have a Math Contest Day for high school students.  The contest consists of a Math Bowl (quick answer), a written test of brainteasers, and the Game of 24-points.  Math majors help with the contest and gain experience while having fun.  

(9)   We have faculty with a wide range of expertise, including analysis, algebra, combinatorics, and statistics.  We have an active combinatorics seminar – if you have any questions about it, contact me at jpolhill@bloomu.edu.  Maybe you are interested in sports statistics or biostatistics – if so, we have experts in these fields.  All department faculty members have PhDs.  

(10)           Students from our department have the opportunity to do mathematics research and present at conferences.  For example, we have had students present at the fall meeting of our regional chapter of the Mathematical Association of America (MAA).  If you want to know more about the MAA, see http://www.maa.org or check out our regional chapter at: http://www.maa.org/epadel.