CVA Lecture Slides

Lecture Laboratory
CVA01.ppt Intro CVALab01 - Anatomical Terminology, Basal Chordates and Relationships
CVA02.ppt Intro continued CVALab02 - lamprey
CVA03.ppt Phylogenetics and more Background CVALab03 - Integument and Evolution
CVA04.ppt Parade of the Craniates - Part 1 CVALab04&5 - Skeleton
CVA05.ppt Parade of the Craniates - Part 2 CVALab06&7 - Muscles, Comparative Aspects (with addendum)
Integument lecture.ppt CVALab08 - Digestion and Respiration
CVA06.ppt Bone and bone precursor CVALab09 - Circulation, Heart, Excretion
CVA07.ppt Bone Form and Function  
CVA08.ppt Bone Growth and Joints x  
CVA09.ppt Cranial and Visceral Skeleton  
CVA10.ppt Visceral Skeleton and Start of Muscular
CVA11.ppt Appendicular Skeleton  
CVA12.ppt Muscle continued, plus Hillary's presentation  
CVA13.ppt Notes on chalkboard
CVA14.ppt Digestion (continued) - images mainly  
CVA15.ppt Liver, Ames presentation slides here  
CVA16.ppt Respiratory System 1 extra slides for11/18  
CVA17.ppt Respiratory System 2  
CVA18.ppt Excretory