Courses Taught at Rutgers

America and the World
Government and Politics of China
Pacific Asia and Globalization

Courses Taught at Georgia Southwestern State University

American Government
Introduction to International Relaitons

Courses Taught at Bloomsburg University

Gen Ed Courses and Capstone Seminar

United States Government

Elements of Political Science
Contemporary Issues in World Politics
Political Science Capstone Seminar

International Relations Courses

Introduction to International Relations
Information Technology and World Politics
US Foreign Policy
International Relations in Contemporary Pacific Asia
International Law and Organizations

Comparative Politics Courses

Introduction to Comparative Politics
Asian Politics
Government and Politics of China
Governments and Politics of China and India

Graduate Courses

Information Technology, Globalization and Governance
Politics of Emerging Nations

* Course syllabi and contents are available to enrolled students on BOLT.

Recommended Media Web Sites for Asian Politics:

The BBC News, Asia Pacific

The New York Times, Asia Pacific

The Financial Times, Asia Pacific

The Wall Street Journal, Asia

The CNN, Asia

Asia Times

YaleGlobal Online

Asia Source

Library of Congress's Country Studies

The Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs, US Department of State

The Internet Guide to Chinese Studies

Media in China

Xinhua (New China) News Agency

People's Daily (Renmin Ribao)

South China Morning Post (Hong Kong)

Media in Japan

Kyodo News

Asahi Shimbun

Media in South Korea

Korea Herald

Media in South Asia

The Times of India (India)

Dawn (Pakistan)

Media in Southeast Asia

The Strait Times (Singapore)


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