Russian and Soviet History Resources

A selection of resource sites available on line.  

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Russian and East European Centers  (With Links To Resources)  

Hokkaido University Russian Net Resources (perhaps the best site for links to Russian and East European on-line resources)

Indiana University Russian and East European Institute (includes good links to WWW resources and newsgroups)

University of Pittsburgh REES Web (the main US hub for links to Russian and East European on-line resources)

University of Texas at Austin Russian and East European Network (another major hub for links to all sorts of Russian and East European on-line resources)


Selected Russian History Sites With Links

Seventeen Moments in Soviet History (an amazing collection of documents, images, sound files, and film clips)

Alexander Palace Time Machine (documents, text, and images of the Romanovs) 

The Empire That Was Russia (The Library of Congress exhibit of Prukudin-Gorskii's early color photographs of Imperial Russia)

Ferraro's Russian Links (links to documents and essays posted by Vincent Ferraro of Mount Holyoke College)

The Great Terror in the Provinces of the USSR, 1937-38: A Cooperative Bibliography (from H-Russia, compiled by Marc Junge, Rolf Binner, and Terry Martin)

Harvard Project on Cold War Studies (Cold War-related archival documents, in Russian)

Imperial Russia 1862-1918 (a list of names, dates, and Russian terms prepared for a Richard Wortman's course at Columbia University

The J. V. Stalin Internet Library (English translations of works by Stalin, posted by David J. Romagnolo, who also hosts a Marx/Engels Internet Library, a V. I. Lenin Internet Library, and a Mao Internet Library)

The Khazaria Info Center (resources for Turkic and Jewish History in Russia and Ukraine)

The Lenin Internet Archive (English translations and original language-versions of works by Lenin, photographs and other materials, from the Marxist Internet Archive)

The Leon Trotsky Internet Archive (English translations and original language-versions of works by Trotsky, photographs and other materials, from the Marxist Internet Archive)

Russian Revolution Links (links to essays on various topics, posted by David Barnsdale)

Slavophilia (a Slavic and East European internet resource site with very good links)

Soviet Archives Exhibit (an excellent selection of translated documents from central archives from an exhibit at the Library of Congress)

Subject Guide to Russian History Internet and Print Sources (useful search links from McGill U.)

Translations of the Laws of Rus'  (several of the major pre-Imperial law codes, translated and posted by Daniel Kaiser)


Some Russian Culture Sites

Entertaining Tsarist Russia (materials from and supplements to the Von Geldern and McReynolds volume on the history of popular culture in Imperial Russia, 1917-1917)  

The Hermitage State Museum (English language museum site of the Hermitage in St. Peteresburg, with virtual exhibits and images)

The Russian State Museum (English language museum site of the Russian State Museum in Moscow, with virtual exhibits and images)

Russian Religion News (from the Stetson University Department of History)

The Chairman Smiles:  Soviet Posters (a fine site from the Institute of Social History that also features posters from Cuba and China)


Some Russian News Sites

Interfax News Agency (in English)

Moscow Times (in English)

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty Online (in English)

Russia Today (in English)

St.Petersburg Times (in English)


Some Sites with Maps of Russia

City Maps and Town Plans of  Russia (a commercial site from Generations Press)

FEEFHS East European Map Room:  Russian Empire- Europe (from the Federation of East European Family History Societies)

The University of Texas Perry-Castaņeda Library
Map Collection
a good collection of contemporary maps of  Russia and the Former Soviet Republics--see also their collection of historical maps)

Ekskursii Travel Site Maps List (maps of Russia and the FSU Republics)



Organizations Related to Russian History

American Association for the Advancement of Slavic Studies (includes links to Russian studies materials and to other important organizations in Slavic studies)

American Historical Association (includes links to documentary materials and to other organizations)

Institute for Cooperative Social Initiatives (A Soros Foundation "Open Societies" -related program, in Russian)

International Institute of Social History (in Amsterdam, site includes indexes of their important archival collections as well as links to exhibits) 

International Research and Exchange Commission (IREX) (an organization that arranges research exchanges with Eurasian countries)

Jewish Studies in Russia (English page with links from the Russian Association of Jewish Studies Students)

Kennan Institute for Advanced Russian Studies (a major Russian studies institute with links to internal and external resources)

The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation (supports scholarship world wide, with an office in Moscow)

Russian Archives Database (Archeo-Biblio Base) (an important project presenting detailed descriptions of archival collections in the former USSR, compiled by Patricia Grimsted and posted by the International Institute of Social History)

Slavic Review Homepage (includes full text of some issues of this important journal)

The Wildman Group for the Study of Workers and Society (scholars interested in Russian and Soviet workers and labor history)

The Yivo Institute for Jewish Research (one of the major centers for Eastern European Jewish studies, includes links to photos and other resources)