Library and General Research Resources 

A selection of resource sites available on line. 

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Hickey's  European and Jewish History Resource Page

Hickey's Russian and Soviet Resources Page


Libraries drivable from Bloomsburg and Mafor Virtual Libraries

Andruss Library at Bloomsburg University (on-line catalog, on-line databases for BU students, and links to other libraries)

Bibliothèque Nationale de France (English-language portal to the French National Library's website, which has more than 35,000 volumes on line)

Bucknell University Library (information services and resources page)

Google Books (searches digitized books on line)

The Library of Congress (on-line catalog and many very useful educational materials and links)

New York Public Library (on-line catalog)

The On-Line Books Page  (links to thousands of books on line, hosted by the University of Pennsylvania)

Penn State University Libraries (portal to access on-line catalogs)


Search Engines (one of the best commercial search engines)

Google Image Search (to search for images on the web)

Google Scholar (searches digitized scholarly books and articles) (allows searching of individual articles in online periodicals) (commercial site that allows keyword searching of online books) (commercial index of links to US federal and state government websites) (commercial index of military-related links)



Archives and Virtual Archives

National Archives of the United Kingdom  (on-line resources include tens of thousands of digitized documents)

New York State Archives (on-line resources include exhibits)

Pennsylvania State Historical Museum Commission (on-line resources include access to digital archival records)

Social Sciences Data Collection, University of California San Diego (links to important statistical data sites) 

US National Archives (on-line resources include guides to archival collections)


Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, Translators

Babel Fish (commercial [free] internet translator to translate simple text and web pages, from

Bloomsburg University's Harvey Andruss Library Internet Collegiate Reference Collection (links into over 650 free Internet encyclopedias, dictionaries, databases, etc.

The Century Dictionary On-Line (an on-line 12-volume dictionary) (a commercial site from Electric Library)

The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy (edited by James Fieser and Bradley Dowden)

Wikipedia (an open source encyclopedia, with entries of uneven quality, ranging from excellent to very poor)



BBC World Service (online text of news stories and feature links, also link to live audio)

The Guardian (Manchester UK)

Helsingin Sanomat (Finland, in English)

Le Monde (Paris, in French)

National Public Radio  (online text of news stories and feature links, also link to live audio)

Newspaper Archive.com (a commercial site that has hundreds of US newspapers going back 240 years)  

The New York Times

Pravda (Moscow, in English)

The Washington Post