Chemistry Careers

The Job Search: The American Chemical Society publishes guides specifically designed for chemists but they will serve any
scientist well. Be sure to give post-graduation contact information to your advisor and Sharlene so job leads may be sent
your way.

ACS Resume Guide
You should begin to create a resume your FRESHMAN year. It is very easy to build upon a resume as you go as opposed to attempting to recall everything you learned in Chemistry for the Sciences 2 when you are in the spring of your senior year. It is never too late to start.
ACS Job Search Strategies
An effective job search begins with networking throughout your academic career. Maintain contacts.
ACS Interviewing Guide
Think you are ready for the interview? Good interviewing skills are important at every stage of your career.

Finding a Graduate Program: Chemists get paid to go to graduate school! Are you prepared? Contact Dr. Bell to join the
Blackboard Pre-Pro/Pre-Grad Community to stay in touch with opportunities and preparation materials. If you find further
helpful resources from trustworty authorities, please let Dr. Bell know.

Official GRE Site
Programs with high application rates (i.e. UC-SanDiego) tend to put more stock in the GRE than other programs. In either case it is in your best interest to study for and perform well on the GRE (unless you don't mind looking like an idiot).
Comprehensive database of graduate programs in the physical sciences.
Comprehensive database of graduate programs that allows you to search by qualities in a program that you feel are important. There are also links to other resources.


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