Paul A. Loomis, Ph.D.

Professor of Mathematics
Bloomsburg University

Ben Franklin Hall 204
(570) 389-4621

Classes for Fall 2015:

HONORS 141: Introduction to Statistics
MATH 101: Mathematical Thinking
MATH 126: Calculus 2 (MWF section)
MATH 126: Calculus 2 (TuTh section)
MATH 360: Number Theory
MATH 492: Honors Independent Study

Other courses I teach regularly:

HONORS 110 Math and Science I
MATH 113 Pre-Calculus
MATH 125 Calculus 1
MATH 141 Introduction to Statistics
MATH 185 Discrete Mathematics
MATH 225 Calculus 3
MATH 226 Calculus 4
MATH 310 Abstract Algebra
MATH 314 Linear Algebra
MATH 421 Advanced Calculus (Real Analysis)

Other courses I have taught, but not that often:

MATH 109 College Algebra
MATH 111 Finite Mathematics
MATH 112 Trigonometry
MATH 123 Essentials of Calculus
MATH 241 Probability and Statistics
MATH 322 Differential Equations


Other stuff I do:

I have made three albums of original folk songs: Dry Ridge (2005), Yuspe (2009), and World Famous in Bloomsburg (2014). There is stuff about this, like how to find me playing live or how to buy an album, at

Along with my wife Leticia Weber and our kids Anna and Zeke, I spent six months of 2012 travelling in South America. Our blog of that trip, our other travels, and occasional posts from regular life - can be found at

I've been a runner since 1984, with a break from 2001-2009. To read some about that, go to my running page.