Quantitative Methods (EGGS 150)


Review of:
Scientific Notation
Metric System
Units Analysis
Essential Algebra
Essential Trigonometry

New Topics:
Basic Statistics
Linear Equations
Excel and Graphing
Ternary Diagrams
Exponential Decay
Contaminant Dilution
Recurrence Intervals
Porosity/Bulk Density
Map Scale and Directions
Topography & Slopes
Strike & Dip
Rock Unit Thickness
Three-Point Problems


Greek Alphabet
Metric Prefixes
Metric/English unit conversions
Formulae for the Perimeter,
    Area, and Volume
    of Simple Shapes
We like to call this course - Math Bootcamp. It is required for EGGS majors and designed to give you an introduction to the math concepts you will need for 90% of a career in our field: statistics, algebra, and trigonometry. It is application driven, and ALL of the topics will be seen again in one or another upper level EGGS courses. Many of the topics are not covered in any other mathematics course, which is why we do it here.

Of course, we'd like you to take more math. It will only help you in your career or graduate school.

Courtesy: Chris 73/Wikipedia Commons (CC BY-SA 3.0)