Applied Geophysics (EGGS 480)
This course is designed to introduce students to geophysical methods that are used in most geotechnical applications.

We concentrate on refraction seismology, gravity, and ground penetrating radar since these utilize techniques and methods that can be applied in many other areas. We currently possess a 12 channel exploration seismograph, a Syscal Kid resistivity unit, a Worden gravimeter, and a GSS ground penetrating radar with 400 MHz and 200 MHz antennas. All instruments are used extensively in the laboratory part of this course and are also available for use in Senior Research projects.

A highlight of the course is a visit by various Bloomsburg Alumni; past visitors include Jeffrey Leberfinger from the geophysical consulting firm of R.E.Wright Environmental, Inc. (now a part of S.A.I.C.) and Beth Williams and Amy Bruggeman, (ARM Group Inc.).  They bring instruments like  electromagnetic metal detectors and discuss common geophysical applications.


Students in the field using Ground Penetrating Radar to help the local cemetery society answer some questions in Rosemont Cemetery.


Alumni Michael Palkendo demonstrating an new type of seismic array on the Quad.



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