Vorbereitung auf die Nachrichten vom 23.1.20-18

Be prepared to discuss the news in English (for now).

The following is for preparation for viewing the news. Look up words you do not know.

die Schlagzeile / die Schlagzeilen

Wortfamilie: (Word families are common in German compound nouns. For example: die Steueroase is a combination of two nouns: die Steuer + die Oase.)

Internetsuchen: (Internet search: look up information in English or in German about the following items in the news.)

Bindestrich-Wort: (hyphen compound nouns) When a noun is to be repeated in a second compound noun, German will replace the second instance with a hyphen. For example: children's and youth literature = Kinder- und Jugendliteratur;

Vor dem Schauen: (Before viewing) Make sure you understand the following sentences, words, and phrases before watching.

Wie wird das Wetter?