GERMAN 203 German 3


Students need to perform at the Intermediate-Low level in German as described by the American Association of Teachers of Foreign Languages proficiency guidelines, and develop emerging skills at the Intermediate-Mid level.

Specific Goals of German 203:

  1. Speaking and Writing Ability
    • handle uncomplicated tasks and social situations requiring an exchange of basic information related to
      • work,
      • school,
      • recreation,
      • personal interests and areas of competence,
      • self, family, home,
      • daily activities,
      • interests and personal preferences,
      • physical and social needs, such as food, shopping, travel and lodging;
    • acquire knowledge about the history of German-speaking cultures, including literature, cinema, music, art, and science;
    • narrate and describe in familiar areas (personal information, common events) in major time frames;
    • begin using cohesive devices (conjunctions, etc.) to construct arguments, opinions, hypotheses, causal connections, and explanations in discussions and compositions;
    • create with the language by combining and recombining known elements.

  2. Reading and Listening Ability
    • be able to answer content questions for graded texts in complete sentences;
    • skim and scan for information from authentic internet news sites, text, and videos;
    • work with literary texts and analyze selected stylistic elements of linguistic expression in historical contexts;
    • ask and answer questions at the desired speaking ability.