GERMAN 203 German 3

Catalog Description: Develops the four language skills: speaking, reading, writing, and listening. Basic grammar is reviewed and new grammatical concepts are presented. German cultural history is given additional emphasis. Students studying German should begin to synthesize their acquired linguistic and cultural knowledge toward an understanding of their native language and culture. This course is also designed to help prepare those students who would like to visit or study abroad in a German-speaking country. The three hours lecture per week and assignments employ a variety of learning activities. GERMAN 203 is a required course for the major Languages and Cultures: German, but is open to all students. It satisfies General Education Requirements: 2 GEPs for Goal 1 - Communication and 1 GEP for Goal 7 - Arts and Humanities. This course is offered once per year. Prerequisites: GERMAN 102 (German 2), or placement through the German Language Placement Test, or permission of the instructor.