Vernetzte Jugend

  2. News - fast and direct, downloadable anytime.
  3. Already in rush-hour traffic the flood of information begins: announcements, e-mails, news headlines - the digital transformation is a challenge for many adults.
  4. Young people do not know anything else at all.
  5. Florian is 17 and just back from the United States.
  6. E-mails, SMS, and social network sites such as Facebook: he updates himself many times a day, with his cell phone or laptop.

  8. "It's not really a passion, it's more like .. more like a feeling that you like being connected, and that's fulfilled here.
  9. In this sense it's probably just a gratification."

  11. For Florian it's a matter of quick communication.
  12. On the way to meetng with a friend the only thing arranged is the time and roughly the place.
  13. Everything is in flux.

  14. FLORIAN:
  15. "I'm connected with them, although I am not, really.
  16. Or I've got this ... I belong to the group, although I'm really by myself on my way somewhere in the S-Bahn or sitting somewhere in a Café.
  17. It's the feeling, OK, it's probably the old feeling that you belong to like belonging to a group.
  18. It's just that you like being connected."

  20. Connected youth -- between inspiration and distraction.
  21. Dorothea just finished her Abitur (entrance exams for the university).
  22. She wants to major in Media Studies.
  23. Important motivation for her decision came from the Internet.

  25. "Whenever a discussion starts on Twitter and then, say, people people join in who you don't follow, then you follow their profiles and you see: Oh, there's a link and posted there, and, oh, there's comments on this link in Facebook, and... etc. etc.
  26. That is really being so extremely connected that you lose yourself and before you know it, an hour has gone by."

  28. Control of one's own data, cautiousness -- that often gets pushed in the background.
  29. The joy of experimenting outweighs that.
  30. Even when awareness of problems is definitely there.

  32. Facebook, they have all our data.
  33. I always see ads that are totally taylored to me.
  34. But to eventually follow through, that is, to do something about it -- relatively few people actually do something, because you don't want to give up communicating with other people so quickly.