Hausaufgabe fällig am 1. März

Before you begin:
Review vocabulary in your textbook and on these webpages:

Stellen Sie sich vor, sie bekommen einen sehr guten Job und Sie verdienen viel Geld.
Sie brauchen neue Kleider für den Job. Sie wollen auch neue Kleider für Ihre Freizeitaktivitäten. (Imagine that you get a really good job and you earn a lot of money. You need new clothes for the job. You also want new clothes for your leisure activities.)

Besuchen Sie diese Online-Kaufhäuser (Visit these on-line department stores):

Say what you bought, where you bought it, how much it cost, what color it is (if given), brand, size (German sizes), and one attribute (expensive, cheap, good price (preiswert), nice, very nice, etc.
Beispiel: Ich habe einen Anzug für den Job bei Kaufhof gekauft. Er ist dunkelblau. Die Marke (brand) ist Roy Robson. Der Anzug hat 140,99 € gekostet. Ich finde den Anzug schön.

This should not be a difficult assignment. The purpose of the assignment is to explore a wide range of authentic commodities and get a sense of how they are promoted in real life in Germany, how commodities differ between Germany and the USA, and how much things cost compared to commodities in the USA. You are also using the accusative case (Ich habe einen Anzug gekauft.)

Select items from both department stores.

Any way to expand vocabulary is important and will count for more credit.
For example, beyond the word “shoe” (der Schuh / die Schuhe) you could learn the German words for lace-up shoes (Schnürschuhe) and slip-on shoes (Slipper).

Here are the specific instructions:

  1. List a minimum of 6 different items in German, no fewer than three items from each store.
  2. Construct 6 descriptions based on the example above. If any information, such as color or brand, is not given, then just leave it out.
  3. Be more accurate as presented in the on-line catalogues, such as in the example above “Schnürschuhe” instead of “Schuhe”. Or use new adjectives, such as “gestreift” (striped), when describing a shirt.
  4. On the side, write a list of new words you have learned and can share with the class.
  5. Bring the assignment to class on the due date. We will use it in class and then you will hand it in for a grade.
  6. The assignment must be typed in an MS-Word document so that it can be submitted to BOLT later.