Standards of Conduct:

Any act of misrepresentation or conflict with the order of the course, including, but not limited to plagiarism, cheating on tests, false excuses for absence, disruption of class, or engaging in activity during class other than the work at hand, constitutes academic misconduct. (See BU Policy #3512 "Academic Integrity.")

The following are some examples of disruptive acts during class:

The instructor will request those who are disruptive to leave the classroom. If the request is ignored or contested, University Police will be called to provide assistance.

Any and every act of misconduct will affect grades; in the worst cases, such as plagiarism or cheating, students will fail the course.

Students who commit an act of academic misconduct will be subject to sanctions as stipulated by the university. See BU Policy 4802 secton H.

Attendance policy:

  1. (PRP 3506) "Regular classroom attendance is expected of all students. However, a student will be afforded reasonable assistance by a faculty member when class work is missed as a result of extenuating circumstances beyond the student's control, such as but not limited to: personal illness, death or critical illness in the immediate family, participation in a college-sponsored co-curricular activity. Mutually satisfactory arrangements for assistance must be made by the student when the activity is announced. Instructors are encouraged to use their professional judgment in deciding the legitimacy of each case and may request the student to provide official documentation to verify the reasons for the absence. The instructor is not required to give makeup examinations or review other class work missed as a result of unauthorized absences other than those authorized by this policy."

    NOTE: The Pilot, page 23 regarding the Student Health Center (SHC): "The SHC does not issue student illness excuses for missed classes."

  2. For every excused absence the student is responsible for furnishing adequate documentation.

  3. Every unexcused absence will diminish the student's grade.

  4. Students are responsible for classwork and assignments whether an absence is excused or not.

  5. Students can be marked as absent if late for class.