GERMAN 102 German 2


  1. Attendance and regular participation is essential. Any absence will diminish the final grade.
  2. Written essays must be submitted as a MS-Word document in an email or in the dropbox on BOLT.
  3. Voice recordings will either be submitted BOLT, as an electronic file in an email, or using an application or Internet tool. Students may be required to use the resources in the Language Laboratory in the Department of Languages and Cultures.
  4. Two hours of preparation is expected for each hour in class--six hours of preparation per week.
  5. Students are expected to study the material. Completing assignments and attending class are only part of the learning process.
  6. Attitude will contribute significantly to the final grade, even though it is not evaluated in quantative terms.
  7. The final exam is scheduled
    • for GERMAN 102-01 Wednesday, 13 December 2017 at 1:00PM - 3:00PM in OSH 217.
  8. Students will be evaluated according to their own progress, not in comparison to the language proficiency of others in the class.
    • Projects and assignments: 20%
    • Compositions: 20%
    • Active participation in class and in other activities: 20%
    • Tests and oral interviews: 20%
    • Final: 20%
  9. These procedures are subject to change at any time.