GERMAN 2: ZDF-Aufgabe (Fernsehen)

due: 17 February


  1. Go to the ZDF television broadcasting website: ZDF

  2. On the landing page find and click on the link "Sendung verpasst" (top center). This will take you to a menu for broadcasts of the previous seven days. Look for
    "< Heute" and the date and the calendar icon.

  3. Scan through the previous two days of broadcasts. Find 1) a news broadcast (die Nachrichten), 2) a documentary (der Dokumentarfilm 3) an action drama (das Fernsehdrama). For the documentary and drama, find titles that you understand or that you can guess at. For example, "Napoleon--die wahre Geschichte" is obviously a documentary about the historical figure Napoleon. Pay attention to the images.

  4. Write out the following information: title, type of show, date of broadcast, time of broadcast, length of broadcast.
    1. Titel der Sendung (title of show): ________________________________________ Datum: ____________ Zeit: ___________ Länge (length, duration): _________

    2. Titel der Sendung: ________________________________________ Datum: ____________ Zeit: ___________ Länge: _________

    3. Titel der Sendung: ________________________________________ Datum: ____________ Zeit: ___________ Länge: _________
  5. Watch three minutes of each show in the list you made. Write out in English everything you understand, noting visual cues as well as any words you may understand. The length must be at least 200 words for minimal credit; any more will add credit.

  6. Type everything in a Word document, print and bring to class. The Language Lab in the Dept. of Languages and Cultures is available for your use.