1. Study: Students are expected to study and learn the material, taking responsibility for their own learning. Attendance in class and completing assignments is not enough preparation to master the material. Students are expected to spend six hours per week outside of classtime to prepare.
  2. Collaboration: Students work with another student in class and in small groups for both homework assignments and for in-class activities. Students may also grade each other on their performances.
  3. Role Playing: Students will perform role-playing activities. Situations will relate to the topics at hand and will be both prepared and extemporaneous.
  4. Presentations: Students may be required to make presentations in German. These could include forms such as simple oral reports, "show-and-tell," and power-point presentations.
  5. Reading and Listening: Reading and video assignments will increase in length and complexity as the semester progresses.
  6. Writing: Students will compose essays of slightly increasing length and complexity as the semester progresses. Unless otherwise instructed, essays will be submitted as MS-Word documents in the designated "assignment" folder on BOLT; no other format is acceptable. Essays may possibly receive a grade only after the second corrected draft.
  7. Social Application: Students may be required to meet with fellow students and possibly with German exchange students outside of class in order to prepare some assignments.
  8. Grammar: Lessons on linguistic structures will be integrated with the topics.