Business Department Prequisites

ITM 175 (ITMA) can be waived, period (by the Accounting Department).

Math 123 (Essentials of Calculus) can be waived using Math 125 (Calculus 1).

Econ 256 (Bus & Econ Stat) can be waived using Math 241 (Prob & Stat).

Finance 313 (Intro to Corporate Finance) REQUIRES

Acct 223 (Managerial Accounting), which in turn REQUIRES

Acct 220 (Financial Accounting) OR Acct 222 (Principles of Accounting 2)

SO: After taking Economic 121 and 122, it looks like a math major is ready to take

Finance 454 and Economic 456.

HOWEVER: Finance 313 requires two levels of prerequisites as described above.