Professor Parody

Parodies written by Kevin Ferland

(Copyright 2016)

(1)  The Pi Song now has a Pi Song Video.  See its Credits and Lyrics.

       Words by Kevin Ferland and Bill Calhoun. 

       Based on the song 867-5309/Jenny by Tommy Tutone.  



(2)  Algebra. Temporary Performance (feedback and volume issues).

       Words by Kevin Ferland.

       Based on the song Panama by Van Halen. I used music from guitarzforsale on YouTube.

       Subject:  ALGEBRA.


(3)  Expoential. Temporary Performance (bad vocal range issues).

       Words by Kevin Ferland. 

       Based on the song Irreplaceable by Beyonce. I sang over her video.

       Subject:  PRECALCULUS and CALCULUS.


(4)  Sweet Tangent Line.Temporary Performance (fair).

       Words by Kevin Ferland.

       Based on the song Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond. I used music from singsongsmusic on YouTube.



(5)  My Integration.  Recording not available, but lyrics are.

       Words by Kevin Ferland

       Based on the song My Generation by The Who. I bought the music from karaoke-version online.

       Subject:  INTEGRAL CALCULUS.


(6)  The Ring of Numbers, performed by The Derivatives (Kevin Ferland, Bill Calhoun, and Erik Wynters). 

       Words by Kevin Ferland.

       Based on the song Ring of Fire by Johnny Cash.

       Subject:  NUMBER THEORY.


If you would like to use any or all of these songs, then please let me know.  I can also provide lyrics upon request.

Send me email at  kferland@bloomu.eduFor further contact information, visit my home page Kevin Ferland.