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Internet Resources Linked for You to Explore

              Bartlett's Quotations    ( now on the web)

              Roget's Thesaurus        (also, now on the web)

              The Speaker's Companion   (some advice and links)

              Public Speaking Can be Fun     (this is a site in England - they spell as well as
                speak a little funny)

               Too Shy to Speak?   (articles on shyness and public speaking)

              How to Conquer Public Speaking Fear    (some advice, you might find it useful)

              Toastmasters International  (we have a local chapter in Bloomsburg, you can
                e-mail me if interested) 

              Webster's Dictionary on the Web  (vocabulary building games, links etc -
                very worthwhile visiting)

              Visual Thesaurus  organized in a 3-D environment

Speech Examples - Online

               Speeches by Famous People - audio and video - examples by: Martin Luther King Jr.,
                    John F. Kennedy, Malcolm X, Ronald Reagan,
                   General MacArthur and others

                More Speeches  - text only

Research Resources

                Andruss Library at BU  (use this !   the site has great internet resources!)        

                CNETTV  (great resources about technology - excellent links)

                CNN    (lots of info and links)

                Cyberspace Law Institute  (articles, even cybercourses available)   

                 Digital Library  (lots of references, links to digital info sites)

                Electric Library   (subscription service - but offers 30 day free trial)

                Harvard Journal of Law and Technology     (articles on cyberlaw/technology)

                 Internet Law Library   (at the US House of Representatives)               

                Journal of Online Law    (College of William and Mary - good source for articles
                    on cyberspace)

                LA Times 

                Library of Congress     

                MSNBC    (excellent site - lots of useful info and links)

                New York Times on the Web  

                USA Today  

                Washington Post       



Great Quotes from Great Leaders by Peggy Anderson. 1997. Career Press.

Great Quotes from Great Sports Heroes   by Peggy Anderson. 1997. Career Press.

Great Quotes from Great Women by   Peggy Anderson. 1997. Career Press. 127 pages.

Great Quotes from Zig Ziglar by  Zig Ziglar. 1997. Career Press.

How to Write & Give a Speech by   Joan Detz. 1992. St. Martin's Press.

Power Quotes . Compiled by Daniel B. Baker. 1991. Visible Ink Press.

Secrets of Power Presentations by William Hendricks, Micki Holliday, Recie Mobley, Kristy Steinbrecher. 1996. Career Press.

Successful Presentations for Dummies by Malcolm Kushner. 1995. IDG Books Worldwide Inc.

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