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"Those having torches, shall pass them on"

On this page you will find links to materials for Interpersonal Communication. 

You simply click on the title of the page you need to view.  You may download the information or make a hard-copy of the materials for your reference.  You are held responsible for this material for tests and other assignments.

I have linked some online resources - tests or surveys - which I think you will find interesting and useful !!!          

REMEMBER - these sources are presented to assist you in exploring Interpersonal Communication.  They should be used to supplement other course materials and stimulate discussion in class.


Chapter One Interpersonal Communication         


                            Article #1A Research in controlling computers by brain waves

 ( "Commander Data, activate your emotion chip" )  Click here to read an interview with chief researcher - Rosalind Picard.  

Online exercises for this chapter:  

                            Are You a Social Animal?

                             Social Anxiety Inventory

                            Evaluate your Communication Skills

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Chapters Two and Four:  Perception/Culture


                             Article #3A:   Hate Crimes

                             Article #3B   Comparing 1900 to 2000

                            Here is a link to the Southern Poverty Law Center's Website.
                                    This site has lots of info about hate groups, and some interesting
                                    self-test about prejudices.  Click here:

Online exercises for this chapter:

                             Type "A" Personality Inventory


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Chapter Eight:  Emotions

    Online exercises for this chapter:

                              Stress Test

                               Emotional I.Q Test

                              Here is the link for the site mentioned in class:  ( THIS LINK IS DEAD - I AM TRYING TO FIND the new hosting site)

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Chapter Five :  Language

Weblinks for discussion of this chapter:

                              Chimpanzee Language Research (Washoe) 

                              The most recent case of a feral child - summer 2001

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Chapters 9,10,11 :  Relationships/ Communication Climates

                                Article 8A:            Unmarried with Children

                                Article 8B:            Is it Healthy for the Kids?

                                Article 8C            Parenting Lessons 

Online exercises for this chapter: 

                              Relational Attachment Inventory



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Chapter 12:  Conflict


 Online exercises for this chapter:  

                               What is your arguing style?  (this link is to a site with several tests)

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Sound Files:  (Click on the file to load, select the "play" button and listen!!!)

        Dr. Quark's Advice on Marriage:             Quark # 1             Quark # 2
       (famous Star Tr5ek Deep Space 9 Ferrengi Psychologist)
       (these are intended purely for amusement !!!!)

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