Jim Tomlinson

(As explained in class, here is a list of suggestions to help you get started in 
selecting topics for use in class debate.  Previous classes in Argumentation have
debated the topics presented here .  Use this list to prepare for the in-class discussion of topics.

   Abortion                                                       Affirmative action

  ATM charges                                               Biotechnology/Bioengineering 

  Birth control/education in schools             BU should be a “wet” campus

  Campaign finance reform                          Capital punishment

   Cloning (Human/organs/therapeutic)      Cosmetic Surgery                              

   Corporal punishment in schools               Cuba - that the US should end the embargo

  Daycare (universal provision of)                Diet Pills Should be banned    

   Drinking Age                                       

  Drug testing (mandatory)                            DUI convictions should include mandatory sentences

  English as the official language                Federal Funding of Faith-Based Organizations

  Foreign Language Requirement in College 


  Gay marriage                                              Gay adoption of children

   Genetic Engineering

  Gun control                                                   Health care/national health insurance

  Immigration policy                                       Internet regulation/taxation/etc.

  War in Iraq                                                    Juveniles should be tried as adults    

  Marijuana/or other drugs legalized            Obesity Lawsuits

  Pledge of Allegiance                                    

  Missile Defense System                            Prayer in public schools                     

   Privatization of Prisons           

   SAT scores should not be used                Prostitution

  School vouchers                                           School uniforms

   Sex Education                                             Restricting Law Suits

   Smoking in public places                           Megan's Law

   Surveillance of Employees                        Terrorism Laws            

  Tenure should be abolished                       Violence/sex on television

   The State Flag of South Carolina             Women are superior to men   
   should be changed                           

    The War on Terror                                     Year-round Schooling


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