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 Review for class discussions or written assignments
per instructions given in class

"You must give time to your fellow men, even if it's a little thing
do something for others - something for which you get no pay
but the privilege of doing it"
Albert Schweitzer

  Why Study Argumentation?        

         Aristotle (He is still THE MAN!!!) Homework assignment

        Analyzing  Arguments - Homework for class discussion assignment

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Selecting Topics for Class Debates

        Topic List for Discussion

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Statistics - Uses and Abuses

        How to Evaluate Internet Resources  

        Statistical Exercise     review per instructions in class

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Uses of Evidence/Reasoning, Testimony, Illustrations

       Logic and Fallacies - click to visit this site - some good examples.

        Toulmin's Model of Argument

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Words as the Tools of a Debater

        Figures of Speech - description/exercises for written assignment

        Rhetorical Devices  - description of a variety of classical "tools" for the speaker

        Visual Thesaurus -   using the technology which may change the way the you
                                               see the web organized.

You can also look at the documents below - 

        The Gettysburg Address  

        The Declaration of Independence 

        The Constitution of the United States

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Sound Files 

        Click here to review for class discussion

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Debate Schedules and Formats!!!!!!

                       Click here for L/D and Team Debate Format (with the outline of responsibilities)

                       Click here for 2:00 Tu Th Class Debate schedule

                       Click here for 3:30 pm  Tu Th ClassDebate schedule

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