James E. Tomlinson

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"Human history becomes more and more 
a race between education and catastrophe."

H.G. Wells

 I am a Professor of Communication Studies at Bloomsburg University 
of Pennsylvania.  You can find my office location ,  office hours ,
and information about  which courses are offered during the 
current semester,  by visiting my current semester schedule page.
Please scroll down to find additional information below.

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          Course Information                             Other Stuff                        

 bulb_sqr.gif (582 bytes) My Biography

bulb_sqr.gif (582 bytes)  Argument and Analysis                                             bulb_sqr.gif (582 bytes)  Research Update           

bulb_sqr.gif (582 bytes)  Computer Applications                                             Guidelines for Reports          

 bulb_sqr.gif (582 bytes)  Interpersonal Communication                                 Policy on Plagiarism          

 bulb_sqr.gif (582 bytes)  Communication for Business Professionals                bulb_sqr.gif (582 bytes)  Issue and Image Campaigns                                            

 bulb_sqr.gif (582 bytes)  Public Speaking                                                                                                                                          

"Try everyday, to catch somebody doing something right" - Ken Blanchard

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email prple fly.gif (14954 bytes)   Email Me!BOUNCINGGRNCRITTER.GIF (1536 bytes)     jtomlins@bloomu.edu - or - Phone Me ! (570) 389-4189