Dr. John P. Morgan, Assistant Professor of Organic Chemistry

Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania,

Department of Chemistry

             About Professor Morgan       

Office:  Hartline 240, 389-5316

Office Hours for Fall 2010:  Mon, Tues, Weds 12-1 pm; Fri 12-2 pm and by appointment

Courses Offered for Fall Semester 2010:

       52.115 Chemistry for the Sciences 1 Syllabus UPDATED 9-14-2010 (PDF) SI Prefixes (PDF)

       52.231 Organic Chemistry 1 Syllabus UPDATED 9-3-2010 (PDF)

       52.231 Organic Chemistry 1 Laboratory

Research Activities: 

Click here for pictures of our Fall 2006 trip to the National ACS Meeting in San Francisco!

Click here for the presenters at the Second Annual Organic Chemistry Symposium at Lebanon Valley College on August 1st, 2007.  Kudos to Kaitlyn Sanders, Jonathan Shrimp, and Evan Thursby!

Teaching Interests

        My training lies in organic chemistry, with a particular emphasis on metal-catalyzed organic reactions.  As such my teaching interests lie in organic chemistry, total synthesis, catalysis, and organometallics.  At Bloomsburg University my main focus lies in biologically relevant organic chemistry, including a heavy dose of "green" chemical methods.

Research Interests 

        Research in my group focuses on reactivity and organic synthesis, both broadly defined.  My particular interests lie in the growing field of chemical catalysis using small organic molecules as catalysts.  A particular emphasis is placed on highly reactive species that are kept "dormant" until they are "unmasked" in the reaction pot by application of a stimulus such as heat or light.  Further information on my research interests is coming to this location near you.

Research Laboratory:  Hartline Science Center 250