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1951 Gibson ES-175 and 1954 Gibson ES-150

1964 Gibson ES-330 and 1968 Epiphone 12-String

1973 Fender Stratocaster and 1964/66/68/78 Fender Mustang

1977 Martin D-28 and 1976 Martin D-28

Some notes on these guitars:.  The '51 ES-175 is all original stock, with the exception of a replacement tailpiece; I also have the original case.  The '54 ES-150 is all original stock (but I don't have the original case).  The '64 ES-330 I got from a neighbor in the late 70s, after one of his kids cracked off the headstock.  When I fixed the headstock, I put on Grovers.  Otherwise, it is all original (including the case).  The '68 Epiphone I picked up at a junk shop because it is identical to one my dad had given to me and my brother in the mid-70s.  The neck had pulled off that guitar, and I ended up using it for a home-made electric 12-string (not pictured here).  This '68 Epi had the same problem with the neck, but I've got it to where it is almost playable.  The '73 Strat, I got from my brother.  It is all original stock except for a 5-position switch (which I put on in 1980), and the nobs (which are from my brother's '68 Les Paul).  I've recently blocked the bridge, which improved the tone and sustain tremendously.  The Mustang--my Frankenstang--has a 1964 body (refinished), 1966 tailpiece and bridge, 1968 neck and pickguard, and 1978 electronics (the case is from 1968).  The '77 Martin, which I bought new, recently went through the Martin factory repair shop, where it received  a neck reset, a new pick-guard and a new bridge plate, and repairs to cracks caused by the old (shrunken) pick-guard.  Otherwise, it is all original (as is the case).  The '76 Martin is my brother's, and is awaiting treatment from the kind folks at Martin.