M. Hickey     Department of History     Bloomsburg University

On Disruptive Behavior in the Classroom


The policies outlined below are in accord with, and supplement, the Bloomsburg University policy on disruptive and threatening behavior in the classroom, which you can find in the online version of Pilot, the BU student handbook.  That policy outlines procedures that students may follow to appeal removal from class for disruptive behavior.

In all of Dr. Hickey's courses:

1) It is your responsibility to arrive in the classroom before the class session begins.

2) Once a class session begins, you must refrain from the following disruptive behaviors:

3) If I ask you to refrain from disruptive behavior and you then persist in such behavior, I will ask you to leave the classroom. 

4) If you do not leave the classroom when asked, I will contact the University Police and they will escort you from the building.

5) If you demonstrate persistent disruptive behavior, I will request that the University remove you from the course completely.