"Verification document" for Dr. Hickey's courses

Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania



PRINT YOUR FULL  NAME_______________________________________________


Your Course and Section Number:  ________________________


By signing this document, you verify that you have read the course syllabus and are aware of course policies and procedures.


This means that you:


o   know what texts are required for the course and how to locate descriptions of graded assignments in the syllabus.


o   know that passing course assignments requires completing assigned readings and attending class sessions.


o   know that you are responsible for following course policies and procedures (e.g., on attendance, excused absences, plagiarism, and disruptive behavior) as outlined in the syllabus and in links to the syllabus.


o   know that the Weekly Schedule in the syllabus lists all reading assignments and graded assignments.


o   know that it is your responsibility to ask questions if you are unclear about any aspect of the syllabus, course policies, or assignments (and that it is the instructor's responsibility to answer those questions as clearly and directly as possible).



You will not receive grades on any quizzes, exams, or papers until you have signed this verification form.


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