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Web-Linked Documents for Week VI

The Inner-Party Struggles of the 1920s

In class on Tuesday, I will give each of you photo copies of short document-excerpts.  You will be responsible for reporting on your documents in class.

What we will do is discuss the political and policy debates of the 1920s by having you present the arguments of the major "players"--Trotsky, Stalin, Preobrazhenskii, Kamenev, Zinoviev, and Bukharin.

Again, I will give you these short document excerpts in class.

But if you are interested in reading some of the longer texts of key documents, here are links to a few of special importance and interest:

J. V. Stalin, TROTSKYISM OR LENINISM? (Speech Delivered  November 19, 1924) at

J. V. Stalin, THE OPPOSITION BLOC IN THE C.P.S.U.(B.) (July 15, 1926) at

Leon Trotsky, The Platform of the Joint Opposition (1927) at

J. V. Stalin, THE PARTY AND THE OPPOSITION (November 1927) at

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