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Anti-Semitic Legends (translated and/or edited D. L. Ashliman), that appeared in early 19th century Germany (

Examine the German legends reproduced at this site--"The Jews' Stone," "The Girl Who Was Killed By  Jews," "Pfefferkorn the Jew at Halle," "The Expulsion of the Jews From Prussia," "The Bloody Children of the Jews," "The Imprisoned Jew at Magdeburg," "The Chapel of the Holy Body at Magdeburg," and "The Lost Jew."  When were these published?  Note also that the non-German tales were collected and published in Germany at the same time and by the same people.

What might publication of these legends at this time by leading figures in the Romantic German national culture movement tell you about  a) popular attitudes towards Jews in early nineteenth century Germany; b) whether nationalists like the Brothers Grimm considered Jews part of the German nation?