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BIOLOGY 100 Links----These sites have links to online quizzes.
Mader "Inquiry Into Life" ,  8th edition(101) (easily navigated, excellent practice exams)
Mader "Inquiry Into Life", 9th edition (check out the "Online Learning Center" under Student Resources)
Mader "Inquiry into Life", 10th Edition
Mader "Inquiry into Life" 11th Edition (Try it out; it has some excellent resources, especially General & Human Biology Essential Study Partner. The unit on cells has helpful diagrams, outlines, movies, etc. for the Chemistry unit)

A few sample questions for exam 1

A few sample questions for exam 2

CHEMISTRY-Text notes
Chemistry of Life -Lecture notes
Cell Biology 1

Cell Biology 1--Lecture Notes
Cell Membranes--Lecture Notes
Cell Division
Cell Division Lecture Notes
Genetics Lecture Notes
Genetics Lecture Notes-2

Helpful Tables
Table 1
    Table 2
 Table 3

    Unlabeled images:
     Animal Cell 1
     Animal Cell 2
     Plant Cell
     Bacterial cell
    Cell Membrane
    Membrane proteins 1
Membrane proteins 2

Animations, interactives, etc
Fluid Mosaic Model
The inner life of the cell--excellent with music, very relaxing, downright beautiful!
Evolution of organelles--Endosymbiosis
Membranes and Membrane Transport---Facilitated diffusion, active transport, etc.
Cell Biology Animations--Transport, endocytosis, exocytosis-several membrane activities
Endocytosis and exocytosis
Exocytosis (requires Real Player)
Animation Quizzes
Interactive Cell
Interactive Plant Cell
Interactive Animal Cell
Membrane Structure Tutorial
Some great interactives that test organelle structure/function
Osmosis Practice Problems
Amoeba movies (just for kicks)
    Animal cell movie
    Plant cell movie
Meiosis and mitosis compared

Inner life of the cell-Full version, narrated:


  A few sample questions for exam 3

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