Student instructions for Blackboard

1. Go to the following website:


You will already have an account created for you by the university:

Your student user id is your campus network email id with 10 in front of it.  Student user id is usually first initial, middle initial, and the first 6 letters of last name.

Ex: John L. Smith, username would be 10jlsmith.   You can look up your username in STINF.  If you are unable to login, call the help desk at 1-866-434-8874.

Your password will be the first 4 letters of your last name (1st letter capitalized) and your date of birth full year/month/day

Ex:  John Smith was born on April 1, 1974 so password would be Smit19740401.    

Please change your password to something you will remember after you login for the first time!