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Pilot (This is the Bloomsburg University Student Handbook link, it is all online now and updated frequently)




Educational Standards' Sites

Berks County Standards and Benchmarks Link:

Common Core State Standards Initiative

Gates Foundation of Educational Excellence (Measures of Effective Teaching (MET))

NCTE Site (This website contains practices for reading and writing for both students and teachers.)

NCTE Standards' Link: Language Arts Standards (12 standards)

NCTM Standards' Link: Common Core State Standards Math

PDE English Language Proficiency (ELP) Standards (This links to standards that must be utilized when writing lesson plans for ELL students.)

PDE Standards Aligned System (SAS)

United States Department of Education Link:

YouTube Clips related to the Common Core Standards



College of Education Application Packets for students in the Department of Teaching and Learning

New Program Packet (January 2019) - 1-22-19 COE Packet

Program Packet Addendum - 35 Professional Development Hours required across the four years you are a BU Education Major.

Students already working on the requirements of the 8/2017 packets will still be able to reference the packets you were instructed on within the various Introduction to Education and Teachers, Schools, and Society courses. Please utilize the College of Education Web site for all pertinent and up-to-date information. This link is found above under the Bloomsburg University Sites.



Early Childhood and Mid-Level Education Application Packet (Updated 8/2017)

ALL Early Chidhood majors conducting observation and/participation hours must utilize Child Care and Early Learning Programs that meet the standards of Keystone STARS 3 or higher. There's a free, online resource to help you find a child care or early learning program. EC majors can visit to search for programs in their community. You can also get information about how you can use Keystone STARS to find a quality program for your child and/or to fulfill the Application Packet requirements.

Secondary Education Application Packet (Updated 8/2017)



ACT 34 Link: Online Criminal Background Check Form (This is an online form, and requires a credit card and site registration. Print a receipt to check the status of a record check.)

ACT 114, FBI Fingerprinting Link (PA new company, as of 11/28/17, IdentoGO): (Print receipt, take to location of your choice: directions for obtaining this clearance are at this link Fingerprinting Note: the BU University Bookstore no longer provies this service. However, only the receipt is needed to be included in your Application Packet. You retain the clearance in your important paper file, once it is mailed to your chosen address.)

ACT 151 Link: Child Abuse Clearance (Create individual account, Keystone ID = username within the individual account.)



TB Test

This test may be taken within the BU Health Center during clinic times at the cost of $10.00 cash or check. Any other, non-clinic days are by appointment. You must be stuck on one day and return two days later to have your arm checked. You receive a certificate that is valid for two years. If you choose to have this test administered in your physician's office, it can be considerably more expensive and does take a two-day period to be checked and signed off as negative. Any postive results must follow a doctor's orders to receive a required negative result.




Student-Pennsylvania State Education Association (This site provides you with the ability to electronically register for liability insurance which is required for field experiences in all public schools. The cost is approximately, $30.00 per year.)



Pre-Service Academic Performance Assessment (PAPA)

Pre-Service Academic Performance Assessment (PAPA)You must register at this site for the PAPA: You must take: module 1 reading; module 2 math; and module 3 writing. (Please contact Angela McCabe with any questions by phone at (570) 389-5128 or by email at

1. There is information on the website that clearly points students and program faculty to the test objectives that the various tests measure. Click on the link What's on the test? Test design and test objectives After carefully noting the scope of these objectives, those in a position to assist candidates can then examine the following resources (NOT the practice test), to help the candidates see how a question may be designed as well as the justification for each correct answer. The justifications help us all understand the depth to which items may be written.

Sample selected-response questions
Sample sentence correction assignments
Sample extended constructed-response assignment

After a thorough examination of the objectives, candidates may be directed to study materials that are aligned with the objectives, using the section called Resources.


EXEMPTIONS? - You may be exempt from taking the PAPA or PRAXIS Core tests if you earned a 500 or above on your SATs in reading, writing, and math. ACT scores: Reading 22, Math 21, Writing 21. Minimum composite score: Reading 20, Math 19, Writing 19. If the sum of your Reading, Math, and Writing modules equal 64, you have met the requirements.

PDE announced changes to the basic skills certification testing policies on October 28, 2016 that are effective immediately and retroactively.

New SAT Scores effective February 29, 2016 - New scores: Critical Reading 27, Math 26, Writing and Language 28. Total composite score: 81. Minimum scores: Critical Reading 25, Math 24, Writing and Language 26.

New ACT Writing Score effective August 31, 2016 - New scores: Reading 22, Math 21, Writing 8. Total composite score: 51. Minimum composite score: Reading 20, Math 19, Writing 7.

Basic Skills Mixed Test Composite Scores

We have changed the method for calculating composite scores for all basic skills tests. The new method is simple:

  • Add up the three passing scores for your best reading, writing and mathematics test to

    calculate the composite score needed

  • Achieve no less than the minimum composite score on each of the three tests, plus

  • Achieve scores that add up to the composite total or higher

    SAT Tips

    ACT Tips

Composite Scores for the PAPA? -

Test Name Test # PAPA Qualifying Scores Minimum Composite Scores
PAPA Reading 001
PAPA Math 002
PAPA Writing 003

Minimum Composite Score Total: 633 (The sum of the three PAPA tests must total or exceed 633. Achieving the minimum scores in each area does not meet the PDE requirements for proficiency in the pre-professional skills.)



The PRAXIS Core (Taking these tests are highly recommended by the professors in the College of Education at Bloomsburg University)

Registering for the Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators, go to You will need to create an account. Once you do that you can register, pay and select a testing center and a date to take the testing.

Praxis Core Online Course and Practice Tests

The link above is intended to assist Bloomsburg University student in preparing to successfully take the three PRAXIS Core tests. All log-in instructions and codes are stated within this document.

PDE has authorized the Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators tests as an alternative to the PAPA.  I have attached the Testing information, Test Code and Qualifying Score directly from the ETS website.  Students will go to to register for this test. 


Test Name Test # PRAXIS Core Qualifying Scores
Minimum Composite Scores
PRAXIS Core Reading 5712
PRAXIS Core Writing 5722
PRAXIS Core Mathematics 5732

Minimum Composite Score Total: 460 (The sum of the three PRAXIS Core tests must total or exceed 460. Achieving the minimum scores in each area does not meet the PDE requirements for proficiency in the pre-professional skills.)

It is less exensive to take all required tests on the same date. If you wish to take all three computer-delivered Core Academic Skills for Educators exams (5712, 5722, 5732) at the same time, select Core Academic Skills for Educators Combined Test (5751) when registering. Scores will be reported by individual test (5712, 5722, 5732).


Here’s how to sign up for a PRAXIS test(s) from Kathy Kollar-Valovage, BU Testing Center Coordinator

Thank you for considering BU’s Testing Center for your PRAXIS testing needs.


Kathy Kollar-Valovage, BU Testing Center Coordinator

Bloomsburg University of PA 

570-389-5294 office570-389-3086

The A+ Students' Guide to Math (Thanks, Betty Clark who supervises a community center for afterschool classes ad clubs.)

College Atlas (Study guides for skills you need to succeed in college. Thanks, Missy N. for this fine reference link.)

Varsity Tutors Practice Tests (A treasure trove of sample tests to assist all students in preparing for the PAPA tests. All content in Math and Reading are covered in numerous tests. Thanks, Adriana Martinez from Varisty Tutors for sending this free service.)

Where I Excel in Math! (Get the chance to practice math skills at all grade levels. Thanks, Teri D.)

How To Study Effectively



Student Teaching Packet and PECT and PRAXIS II Assistance

Bloomsburg University Student Teaching Eligibility Packet (Revised Spring 2018)

Act 126 Mandated Child Abuse Reporting - Required free online training and certificate that must be valid to student teach (valid for five years). –

PECT Practice Tests (PK4) (Thanks, Bethany M. for supplying these practice tests for our EC majors to study and prepare for these pedagogical tests.)

Mid-Level and Secondary Education Majors - The link for the PRAXIS II tests is: Testing Page for PA. You will need to create an account. Once you do that you can register, pay and select a testing center and a date to take the testing.

Quizlet (Thanks, Bethany M. for this find. Students should establish a free account and then search for PECT. There are a lot of flashcards and matching activities to help study for these tests.)

Passing Scores for the PECT Tests:

The Passing Scores for the PK-4 PECT Exams are as follows:

Module 1: 197
Module 2: 193
Module 3: 193

The Passing Scores for the Middle Level 4 - 8 PECT Exams are as follows:

Pedagogy Subtest: 162

English Language Arts and Social Studies Subtest: 152

Mathematics and Science Subtest: 164

Test takers seeking certification in Middle Level 4 - 8 must ALSO take the Subject Concentration test(s) for the area(s) that they plan to teach.

Middle Level Citizenship Educations 4 - 8: 150

Middle Level English 4 - 8: 156

Middle Level Mathematics 4 - 8: 173

Middle Level Science 4 - 8: 156

Elementary Grades 5 - 6 English Language Arts and Social Studies Subtest: 152

Elementary Grades 5 - 6 Mathematics and Science Subtest: 164

Note: Elementary Grades 5 - 6 is only available to those holding a valid Pennsylvania Grades PK - 4 certificate.



Teacher Certification

College of Education Teacher Certification Link

Pennsylvania Educator Certification Tests (PECT) Home Page:

PECT contact information page (phone numbers):

PECT preparation materials:

RE: New Grades 5-6 Add-on Option for Grades PK-4 Certificate Holders - Testing Page for PA.

The Pennsylvania Department of Education is pleased to announce that we are offering a Grades 5-6 testing add-on option for the Grades PK-4 certificate only. Interested PreK-4 teacher preparation candidates may take two modules:

  •  The Grades 4-8: Module 2 – English Language Arts & Social Studies (5154)

  • The Grades 4-8: Module 3 – Mathematics & Science (5155)

    Candidates may take these modules during or after the PK-4 program and apply for them simultaneously, but the evaluation of the Grades Prek-4 requirements will be evaluated first and the Grades 5-6 add on certificate will only be granted once the PK-4 certificate is approved. BU Students seek assistance from Angela McCabe.



Directions for Printing Teaching Certificates

The State of Pennsylvania is no longer issuing official paper certificates. Copies of your certificate can be obtained through TIMS (Teacher Information Management System). Steps for finding and printing your certificate are below.

TIMS Website To print Teaching Certificates

1) Go to TIMS Web Site
2) On the left hand side you will see “I WOULD LIKE TO….) Click on “Access TIMS (Certification Application System)
3) Login using your Username and Password that you created when you submitted your application to PDE.
4) On the right hand side of your home page, you will see “Credentials”, you will see a “Print” button. Click “Print” and your Certificate will be accessed.


Any further questions or concerns please contact Teacher Certification consultant Angela McCabe at



APA Websites

Bloomsburg University APA Tutorial

Citation Machine (Cite resources in APA or MLA) Thanks - Professor Fedor!

OWL (Purdue Online Writing Lab)




Subject Matter


hand prints with languages spanish hand print English Language Learners (ESL) dutch handprint french handprint


Federal Gov’t Sues Wisconsin Company, Says English-Language Requirement is 'Discrimination'(The U.S. Equal Opportunity Employment Commission reports on the lawsuit against EEOC Wisconsin Plastics for discriminating against Hmong and Hispanic employees)

The Extraordinary Benefits of Learning Music (Thanks, Blobz-9 for this fine article and graphic supporting music education for ALL.)

Strategies to Support English Language Learners

Go-To Strategies (Scaffolding Options for Teachers of English Language Learners, K-12.)



I'm Tyler (Great video to help you understand Ability Awareness.)

Kristin Chenoweth stars in Candide (Thanks, The Great 8's for this preview from 2014.)

Hear their stories: Students discuss school funding cuts (Thanks Ashley S. and the Oneders, this PA-based video clip shows the devastating impact of a Governor who chose cut-backs to education as a way to progress PA in 2011. May this trend end now that we have elected a new governor.)

Why the Arts? (This commercial advertises the benefits of Arts Education.)

A. Maceo Smith New Tech High School - Uptown Funk Dance (Thanks, The Three Amigos in Bloom for this current link to a Bruno Mars hit. The teacher and students create a fine dance video to Uptown Funk.)

Amazing Young Cellist Wows the Audience (Thanks, Great 8's for this clip from Ellen showing a youngster who is so talented on playing the cello.)

Diversity & Inclusion – Love Has No Labels (Thanks, Shelby B. for this amazingly beautiful video of love with a superb musical sound track and important message with the skeletons revealing the many faces of love.)

Asian Parents React To Their Kids Saying “I Love You” (Thanks, Jennifer Comstock  for this submitted video clip. How lovely!)

We Asked A Bunch Of Guys To Say I Love You To Their Friends For The First Time (Thanks James Q. for this second submission that supports our learning in the ELL Strategies and Methods course.)

The Importance of ELL Strategies -- Immersion (Thanks, Julia M., this is indeed an important video clip.)

English Language Learners: Culture, Equity, and Language (Thanks Kalene M. for this fantastic video find for all of us to learn from.)

Let It Go - Behind The Mic Multi-Language Version (from "Frozen") (Thanks for this video link Sibel R. and group.)

Here’s A Bunch Of People From Around The World Saying Hello And Goodbye In Their Languages (Thanks Colleen M. for this fine openerand closer for an ELL class.)

Supporting English Language Learners in the Preschool Classroom (Thanks, Desirae B. from my MC ed. class for this fine link showing super strategies to use with young ELL students, like Total Physical Respsonse and family members reading daily aloud to the children in both English and the child's native language.)

Linguistic Diversity Challenge (Thanks, Lena H. for this short video of Berkley students celebrating the linguistic diversity of their school.)

Common Core in the Bilingual Classroom (Thanks, Caitlyn H. this video is perfect to show the power of a bilingual classroom and the high expectations of learning connected to the CCSS.)

Vicki Schoen: What Challenges that ESL students face? (Thanks, Carissa J. for this fine video that shows some of the horrors that the ELL students must cope with, especially when they are refugees.)

Guided Reading with ESL Elementary Students (Thanks, Courtney K. for this longer video clip that is filled with how-to ideas relating Guided Reading principles to the teaching of the ELL student.)

English Language Learners

Realizing the Potential of RTI: Cultural and Linguistic Diversity in English Language Learners (Thanks, Jacob K. this longer video helps all teachers see the duality of teaching and learning of the ELL students using RTI.)

French English Bilingual Education in New York City (Thanks, Jennifer L. for this fine video that shows the many schools that are promoting bilingualism of English and French in NYC.)

Bilingual Education is Essential in the United States (Thanks, Kelly M. for this fine video with a lovely soundtrack that promotes why we need to use bilingual education in American schools.)

Strategies for teaching ESL students in your Classroom (Thanks, Brittani S. for this pertinent video filled with strategies to use with ELL students and a lovely classic music soundtrack.)

Shake Your Body Song for ESL Kids (This is a good song to use when you're teaching students the names of body parts, it's good to use after Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes.)



ESL Teacher (Thanks Tony S. for this useful resource.)

Creative Writing Prompts

Printable Language Art Resources (Many helpful activities for ESLs)

MES English (This site has many free printables, and is especially good for English Language Learners.)

ESL Printables (This site has English worksheets, lesson plans, and other resources.)

Literacy Center (This site has several language options with a variety of topics for activities in each language. This site is for early childhood, but could be useful in early elementary also.)

ESL Partyland (This site has an area for both teachers and students.)  

Purdue Online Writing Lab - ESL Teacher Resources (The professional resources listed are both theoretical and practical. The list includes links to organizations and journals of interest to language teachers and language policy developers, as well as to a selection of online teaching and reference materials. Thanks for this resource, Olivia! from Ms. Peng at Cultivating. Connecting. Curating.EducatorLabs in NC)

The Guide to Becoming an ESL Teacher (Another fine ELL resource from Olivia in Ms. Peng's class at Cultivating. Connecting. Curating.EducatorLabs in NC)

Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (Another fine site that has many links for advancing excellence in English Language Teaching. Thanks Olivia in Ms. Peng's class at Cultivating. Connecting. Curating.EducatorLabs in NC)

5 Minute English (Thanks, Ashely and Betsy T. for the helpful site!)

110 ESL Resources (Thanks, Rebecca Hernandez from TX for emailing me your most useful link.)

Five9 Resource Guide for ESL Students (Thanks Ms. Bushfield and your two children for this outstanding find. This site is filled with superb links to assist all students in developing a proficiency in English.)

Everything ESL (Thanks Ms. Kribbs for this fine site that has lesson plans, teaching tips, and tons of resources to help students improve their language proficiency.)

ESL Brain Pop (Thanks, Peyton S. for this updated version of Brain Pop especially designed for ESL students.)

Booktrack Classroom (Thanks for sharing this find with all of us, Aubrey W. This app could serve as an excellent source of motivating ELL students to desire to read more.)

Success for ESL Students (This link has 12 practical tips to help your second-language learners.)

Teacher Resources for ESL Students & Families

Why Do People Use Idioms? Wonderopolis



Teacher and studnetMulticultural Education Sites


Eliminating Racism in the Classroom (Thanks, Kimberly S. for this fine article that promotes the use of cooperative learning groups as one way to begin he difficult tas of eliminating racism in the classroom.)

Effective teaching and support of students from low socioeconomic status backgrounds: Practical advice for teaching staff (Thanks, Katie S. for this illuminating article relating to how teachers in Australia are trying to address the specific needs of students from low-SES backgrounds.)

Racism in High School Sports: Sign of a Bigger Problem (Thanks, Emma K. for bringing this difficult subject to light in such a recent article.)

NATIVE TONGUES If They're Lost, Who Are We? (Thanks, Morgan VK. as this article is a unique voice that we often do not hear these days, those of the Native American people.)

Students explore racial achievement gap in U.S. (Thanks, Samantha W.)

Race Talk When Diversity Equals One (Thanks, Jennifer L. this article is important and helps us all become aware that action is important and inaction dangerous.)

Gay Teacher Files Sex Discrimination Claim (This short interview-based article tells one teacher's story about being wrongfully treated.)

Discrimination in Schools (This article talks about students being discriminated against and poses some interesting questions.)

The Biology of Bigotry

Learning about Diversity (This link clearly defines a series of terms that relate to bias and prejudice and explain how they are related.)


Videos (Early Childhood teachers show racism can happen in all ages) Thanks - Katrina G.

Some Homeless People Discuss their Situation(Homeless people were asked to write down one fact about themselves. Their answers may surprise you)

A Teacher’s Perspective: Setting High Expectations for All Students (Thanks, Morgan VH. for this video clip that shows a special education teacher demonstrating his work to set high expectations for ALL.)

Racism in the Classroom (Thanks, Ashley T.)

Multicultural Education: Diversity Issues in the Classroom (Thanks, Jacob K. for this PP. It has many important aspects of the learning.)

Subconscious racial bias in children (Thanks, Courtney K. for this insightful CNN video clip showing a research study and preliminary findings from it.)

Comedian, Aamer Rahman, Nails Why 'Reverse Racism' Doesn't Work (Thanks, Ariana J. for this fine comedy routine that helps us all see the insanity in reverse discrimination.)

Black Male Teachers Disappearing From Classrooms (Thanks, Desirae B for sharing this link about the racial discrepancy with classroom teachers.)

Kids Of Gay Parents Speak Out - A short film from Team Angelica & Stonewall. (Thanks, Carissa J., for sharing this pertinent link to an important aspect of MC education.)

Kids React to Gay Marriage (Thanks, Marissa L.)

Kid's reaction to meeting a gay couple for the first time is priceless (Thanks, Carissa J., for this video clip relating to a child reacting to meeting a gay couple.)

It's Elementary (Thanks, Julianna F. for this fine clip showing the importance of teaching students the truth about the LGBTQA community and how they often face discrimination and bullying.)

Miss America on the Controversy over Her Crowning (Thanks, Carissa J., for sharing the video that explores that controversies can happen even in the Miss. America organization.)

New Immigrants Share Their Stories (Thanks, Morgan VH for this fine example of immigrant students speaking their stories and receiving acceptance in NY.)

Closing The Achievement Gap (Thanks Jennifer L. for this fine clip that explores the Achievement Gap so well in two minutes.)

Immigration in 75 seconds (This is a great summary of immigration in a very short amount of time.)

Multiculturalism (Thanks, Caitlyn H., for this fine video clip that provides an uplifting overview of MC Ed.)

Kids React to Controversial Cheerios Commercial

This Might Be Jon Stewart's Best Rant Ever. Because Ferguson. (Thanks, Emma S. for this fine example of humor being focused to bring about changes regarding current news issues.)

Another Country's Perspective on Racism FB Post (A short video that shows how one could counteract modern racism.)

If Latinos Said the Stuff White People Say (This video shows the way people might sound when they want to be culturally sensitive but they're being culturally insensitive.)

If Asians Said the Stuff White People Say

If Black People Said The Stuff White People Say (Thanks James Q. for adding to our list of fine videos that demonstrate stereotypes in reverse.)

Not in my backyard: Communities protest surge of immigrant kids (This video poses an interesting question about some people moving to the United States, are they immigrants or refugees?)

'Documented' reporter detained at airport(Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and undocumented immigrant Jose Antonio Vargas was detained at a Texas airport.)

Mindfulness (Becoming conscious: this hour-long video discussed the science behind mindfulness)

Democracy, Diversity and Social Justice: Education in a Global Age (This faculty lecture from the University of Washington is a great diversity-related educational resource.)

Multicultural Education -Separating Fact from Fiction (This is an interview with Dr. Michele Kahn, an associate professor of multicultural education from the University of Houston -- Clear Lake.)

Multicultural Education Session Thirteen (This two-hour long interactive video is presented by California State University -- Dominguez Hills.)

Socioeconomic Status: No Longer an Educational Dead End (Professors and parents discuss SES and ways to overcome the associated challenges.)

Multicultural education in the classroom and overcoming obstacles.

'A Tale of Two Schools' (This is a great video about the advantages and disadvantages of different schools)

Adapting Curriculum for Multicultural Classrooms (This video has some good questions about whether or not your curriculum is appropriate for a multicultural classroom.)

Cambodian Genocide (Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge)

Life Under the Khmer Rouge (This video has some upsetting pictures related to the 1975-1979 Cambodian Genocide.)

'Modern family' closer to real families - multiculturalism (This news story is about how the ABC show, Modern Family, is pretty close to the American standard.)

What Does It Mean To You To Be An American? (People shopping for Fourth of July fireworks are asked, what does it mean to be American?)

Multiculturalism in the Modern World: Jen Holladay at TEDxDenverTeachers (This TED Talk is all about modern multiculturalism, not just authentic foods or relative literature.)

Disney hosts 'Family Outfest' aimed at lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender families (Disney says it's the perfect place for the modern family.)

What does it mean to be American?

"Because I'm Latino, I can't have money?" Kids on Race

What Assumptions Do Kids Make About Each Other? | Reverse Assumptions



Eight Ways to Practice Multicultural Leadership

Teaching Multicultural Students


Dragon Reading Reading Sites

Early Childhood

ABC Teach (This site has tons of resources for the early childhood classroom.)

ABC Kids Inc. (Thanks, Mia, for this resource that has nursery rhymes, articles, and educational videos for young children)

ABCya (Elementary Computer Games & Activities for Grades K - 5. Thanks Mr. Bierman!)

Annenberg Media Site (This site is full of links related to reading resources for many grades.)

CIERA: The Center for the Improvement of Early Reading (This site has a list of textbooks that may be useful when you want your early chidhood learners to read.)

Dr. Jean (This Web site is full of songs and activities by world-renoun Dr. Jean Feldman. Enjoy!)

Early Childhood Teacher (A superb site recommended by NAEYC and filled with EC teacher certification links, resources, teacher tools, a blog, etc. Thanks, Blair Jackson for sending this fine link.)

Emergent Readers (This Site would work well for young children, especially emergent readers.  It covers mostly language arts skills but it does include a place to click onto shapes and numbers, as well.  One feature I really liked was the

language choice it gave the user – English, Spanish, German, French.)

Learn English Kids (This site features games and activities regarding spelling, grammar, and much more! Thank you, Amy.)

The Library of Congress (This site has material for literature and for language arts. This site also allows children who may not have literature at home to read a good piece of literature.)

Reading Rockets (Reading Rockets is a national multimedia project offering information and resources on how young kids learn to read, why so many struggle, and how caring adults can help.)

Starfall (Thanks Mr. Bierman!)

 The Virtual Vine  (This is a superb site for early childhood teachers. Preschool-2nd Grade) (A vender that sells various toys and games for meeting the needs of special education, all students and adults. Thanks, Brian M.)



Links to the 5 Big Ideas in Reading Reference:  Wasburn-Moses, L. (2006, September). 25 best Internet sources for teaching reading. The Reading Teacher, 60, 70-75; and from Dr. Davene Heckman's Faculty Web Site.

Phonemic Awareness

Get Ready To Read (Early literacy screening, tools, and activities)




The Nonsense Word Test (This is a great resource when you want to know if your student understands how letters and words should sound.)

Phonics Assessment

Phonics Skills Chart (This is a helpful chart related to student abilities and the approximate age of mastery.)




Peer Tutor Training Manual

Teaching Fluency Through Poetry



Free Rice (A game that develops vocabulary while providing grains of rice to thwart world hunger. Who would not want to play and simultaneously help the needy? Thanks Ms. Kribbs)

Vocabulary Instruction

Vocabulary Lists (This website provides multiple vocabulary lists for grades K-6.)


Text Comprehension

Children's Literature Web Guide

Font to Assist Students with Dyslexia (Thanks, Lauren T.)

Reading Challenge


Sites for the promotion and investigation of literacy:

Florida Center for Reading Research (This website provides current empirical reasarch about reading practices.)

Pete's PowerPoint Station (A teacher-friendly site with plenty of useable instruction materials and activities. Thanks, Jess C.)

Read, Write, and Think Site (This is a wonderful resource for anyone teaching Language any age!)

READ 180 Instructional Technology Overview (Thanks. Christina C. for this fine link to this program that promotes literacy learning for ALL.)



Dibels Information

DIBEL's Home Page (University of Oregon)

Dynamic Measurement Group (This website provides research and training related to DIBELS.)

San Diego Quick (This is a useful tool for completing a quick reading assessment.)

Templates (Thanks to: Shari Galgano from the Caesar Rodney School District, DE)


Drama MaskReader's Theatre

Drama Mapping(An interactive site that lets you input information and then print out the graphic organizer of your choice.)

Reader's Theatre (Aaron Shep's free readers' theatre scripts)

Teaching is a Work of Heart (This site has many Reader's Theater scripts and plays for use in the classroom.)



Journal by Mark A. Hicks Writing

Brain POP (An animated educational site for kids. This site has information related to Sciene, Social Studies and English.)

Can Teach (Creative writing activities plus hundreds of writing prompts.)

Creative Writing Now (A site sent to me by the founder, Nancy Strauss. This site is filled with prompts and how to's for poetry and all genres of writing.)

Creative Writing Prompts (Move the cursor over the numbers to view the prompts.)

Draw Your World(Drawing and writing lessons, with emphasis on writing practice and handwriting styles.)

Enchanted Learning (This site has a lot of information, activities, and printables, but requires a $20.00/yr. subscribtion fee.)

Essay Punch (This site is an interactive on-line writing tutorial.)

Fan Fiction (This site provides writers with a forum to post work and to receive feedback. Use caution, as adults are posting here, too and the ads can be annoying.)

First School (This site has handwriting worksheets and printables for Preschool and Kindergarten children.)

Flat Stanley (This link leads to Edutopia and an article about the Flat Stanley project.)

Guide to Grammar and Writing (This website generates appropriate materials based on the information you provide.)

Handwriting Worksheets

Plagiarism Check (This guide draws a line between palgiarism and paraphrase and helps to memorize the paraphrase principle better. Thanks, Alisa Bagrii for this resource. BU Students should seek further assistance from WALES.)

Writing and Literacy Engagement Studio (WALES) (Bloomsburg students should utilize these resources for literacy learning and writing skills development.)

Web English Teacher (This site has a variety of creative writing topics.)

Writing DEN (This site has a "tips-o-matic" machine that will answer a writer's questions.)

WritingFix (Home of Interactive Writing Prompts)

Young Authors Workshop (A site for middle school students that takes them step-by-step through the writing process. The steps used on this site are the same as those used in Writer's Workshop. There is also information for teachers on this link.)



teach writing pen by Mark A. Hicks Cursive Writing Sites

ABC Teach Directory of Handwriting (This site gives several options for handwriting practice activities.)

Crayola Cursive Coloring Page

Cursive Handwriting Worksheet Maker (Beware that the letters do not connect in the samples you create. This may cause problems for fledgling writers of cursive.)

Hand Writing For Kids (This website has templates of different size lines for small to large print. It also has letter and number tracing guides.)

Jan Brett Alaphabet

Kidzone Cursive Writing Worksheets (This site is for third grade and up. It has printable worksheets and gives age ratings for the materials available.)

Pencil Pete's Cursive Writing Worksheets (This website helps teach students how to write in cursive.)


little child at desk by Mark A. Hicks Language Arts

The Best Site for Language Arts

British Council-Learn English (LearnEnglish is a portal which links to all the British Council's websites for teachers and learners of English.)

The Holiday Zone (Thanksgiving language arts activities.)

Interactive Madlibs

Jumpstart Games (A site suggested by James Lord and filled with free educational games for many age-levels and also purchasable materials from the company Jumpstart.)

Kids' Reading Games (Another site suggested by James Lord and filled with reading focused games by Jumpstart.)

Learning Games and Activities for Children (Thanks for the link, Ms. Galvin's fourth graders)

Lesson Plans and Worksheets of all kinds (Thanks, Paul McKee)

Lesson Plans Page

Primary Games

Read, Write, Think (This is another useful Site for teachers.  There are some great ideas for lessons all focused on one of the Language Arts from kindergarten through grade 12.)

Soft Schools (This site contains free language arts games.)

Teacher Vision (Language Arts Games. This large collection of online games will help build skills and concepts for grades Pre-K through 12.)

Time For Kids (This Site features Language Arts skills and provides links for specific areas of interest:  biographies, journalism and news, spelling and grammar, books and authors, poetry and drama, writing reports, and foreign languages.)

"The The Impotence of Proofreading," by TAYLOR MALI (Thanks, Paxton B.. for sharing this fun video that expresses the importance of using the English language properly. Also, that teachers need to be less concerned with syntax and more focused on semantics.)



The Hobart Shakespeareans: The Comedy Of Errors (Selected Scenes) (Students in action!)

Ladies and gentlemen, the Hobart Shakespeareans (Thanks 5 Guys, Burgers, and Fries for this gem of a video with the man himself and his students.)



girl sitting in a locker Poetry Sites

Poetry 180 (A US government sponsored site developed by Poet Laureate, Billy Collins.)

Poetry Alive!



Dr. Suess Cat in the Hat Dr. Seuss Sites

Seussville Playground (Thanks, Casey. Here is an Early Childhood interactive play site to develop coordination, color and pattern recognition, and to enjoy.)



boy on pogo pencil, by Mark A. Hicks Grammar and Spelling Conventions submitted via an email from Kristi Nichols.

Chomp Chomp - Grammar Bytes! (This site has grammar terms, handouts and exercises. Be prepared for the sound effects!)

English Grammar (Thanks Amy from Mrs. Ward's class in DE)

Grammar Gorilla (Beginning and advanced grammar games-this site is recommended by Cheyenne <age 10>, Nichlaus <age 8> and Savannah <age 6>.)

Grammar, Punctuation, and Spelling (Brought to you by Purdue University's Writing Lab)

Grammar Songs (Thanks, Ocean's 11 for this superb site with so many free video clips with songs and animations that clearly show the complexity of English in many easy-to-understand ways.)

Mad Lib/Cloze Quizzes for Grammar (These Wacky Web Tales are geared for grades 3 and above. Check back monthly for new tales!)

School House Polka (Homophones are explored in silly song and animations.)

Talk English (Brush up on your grammar and learn the parts of speech with this useful site! Thanks, Amy.)



Person Graphic Organizer Graphic Organizers

Bubble Us

Free Graphic Organizers

Graphic Organizers at Ed Helper



Star Listening Skills

Interactive Listening Skills' Site



Thinking cap by Mark A. Hicks Thinking Skills


Bloom's Affective Taxonomy

Bloom's Cognitive Taxonomy

Bloom's Psychomotor Taxonomy

Bloom's Taxonomy Verb Chart



Lev Vygotsky Archive

Vygotsky and the Internet (Mathematics Education)

Vygotsky Psychology (Social Development Theory)


Bandura’s work tied to Vygotsky

Social Learning Theory


Constructivist Theory: Bruner and Piaget

Stages of Intellectual Development (in children and teenagers)


Gardner and the Multiple Intelligences

Basic MI Theory

Howard Gardner's 8 Intelligences

Howard Gardner Books

Howard Gardner - Multiple Intelligences and Education

Learning Styles and Multiple Intelligences (On this website you can take a learning style test which will help you to understand how you learn. This will enable you to "develop coping strategies to compensate for your weaknesses and capitalize on your strenghts" (

Thirteen Ed - Tapping into Multiple Intelligences

Theory of Flow by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

Thinker of the Year, 2000 (A concise summary of Flow with bibiography of the author of this theory.)



Class room hands by Mark A. Hicks Classroom Management

Ms. Powell's Management Ideas For Teachers 

Sites For Teachers (This site contains information to use in preparing, implementing, assessing, and reflecting on a lesson.) 



Waving Pennent by Mark A. Hicks Generic Sites; Education (This site contains a myriad of information related to the following categories: Arts & Literature; History; Languages; School Programs; Science; Students Resources; Teacher Resources; and Tools.)

A to Z Teacher Stuff (Lesson plans and teacher tips to printable worksheets and discussion forums.) (This site contains the following topics: Reading & Writing; PK-3; Language Arts; Special Education; Foreign Languages; Math; Critical Thinking; Social Studies; Science; Art; and More.)

Education Corner (Thanks, Misty)

Grade Level Skills

IRIS(This magnificent site is based at Vanderbuilt University and has numerous links related to Special Education and assisting all kinds of students.)

National Geographic(Includes topics related to the earth and its people. Children's game section included).

Personal Finance in the Elementary Grades (Thanks, Twelve Teaching Turtles and Kim)

Pre-School Teacher (This site shares how to earn state cerification step by step. Thanks, Shaun M.)

Public Broadcasting Station Kids' Site

RubiStar (This site gives you access to rubrics.)

Sites For Teachers ( Included are ABC printouts, math worksheets, lesson plans and much more.)

Timeless Teacher Stuff (A Web site for Teachers which includes the following: Readers Theater/Language Arts Activities/sheets/Writing Prompts/High Frequency Word lists and Powerpoints/Math/Music and more)

Tour the World (Thanks, Oceans 11)

Active Science Learning (Thanks, Ashlely B.)

Raven-Symoné: "I'm Tired of Being Labeled" | Where Are They Now? | Oprah Winfrey Network (Thanks Samantha)

MTV Gets us Thinking (Thanks Samantha M. for this interactive site that gets one to question how we see life and people.)

Top 10 Myths in Gifted Education (Thanks Renee R. for this insightful video that covers working with students that are often overlooked, the gifted. Start at 1.50.)

The Voice of the Active Learner - Education From a Digital Native's Perspective (Thanks Mike D.)

Active Learning - improving maths through sport! (Thanks, Friday the 13th for this fine link that shows a PE teacher in England also promoting the learning of maths.)

Critical Thinking (Thanks, TENtacles for this detailed video clip taking teachers and students on a journey of why this kind of thinking must be taught and mastered.)

Hip Hop Science and an Example of Out-of-the-box Teaching (Thanks, Blobz-9 for this wonderful modern teacher and his style to inspire inner city, African American students.)

Rafe Esquith Inspires Kids To Love Learning

6 Activities for Students to Speak Up

Extracurricular School Activities and the Benefits

Teachers, Parents, and Students Adapting to the New Common Core Curriculum

Outside Speakers in the Classroom

"The Homeless Period" Justification (Thanks Ariana J.)

10 Expectations (This video shows the expectations that students have of their schools.)

Educators Work to Resuscitate Arts Education After No Child Left Behind

Momjunction (Thanks, Ananya B. for this site that focuses on birth through teen development.)


Parent Involvement Matters

Parents Play Crucial Role in Helping Students Achieve Success

38 Easy Ways to Get Parents Involved in the Classroom


Inclusion and Acceptance

Caring School Community: Teacher Facilitation

Peer Pressure Documentary Testimonial Video

You CAN Teach About Religion in Public School! (An article from Teaching Tolerance: A Project of the Southern Poverty Law Center)

David Fishback on LGBT Youth & Safer Schools

Respect, Resilience, and LGBT Students



Songs for Teaching (Thanks, Bill for the free sample of Follow The Drinking Gourd.)

True Colors Cover (Thanks Tara W.)

Sesame Street: Usher's ABC Song (Thanks, CPT Jeff C.)

How Does Music Therapy Benefit Children with Special Needs

Young Children's Songs for the Classroom

Michael Rosen Performs: We're Going on a Bear Hunt (What fun incorporating songs and actions to demonstrate sequencing skills. Thanks, Alicia)

Solve Word Problems (Thanks, Lena H. from Deuces 2)

The Sid Shuffle -- Ice Age: Continental Drift (This is a good brain break for early chidhood students.)

Music Advisor


Educator Morale

SlamNation Taylor Mali "What Teachers Make" (Thanks, Paxton B.)

This Test Does Not Define You (This video helps teachers keep a good perspective when it comes to standardized testing.)

Teacher Appreciation Song: A Song for Teachers - You Have Made A Difference

Miracle Worker by Taylor Mali (Thanks, Paxton B., for another routine by the Canadian teacher/comedian)

Things You Learn Your First Year of Teaching

Who Says Teachers Don't Care?

10 Things I've Learned From My Students (Always remember that teachers learn at least as much from their students as their students learn from them.)


Field Trips

Children learn much from field trips that they can’t get from lectures or textbooks

Get Outta Class with Virtual Field Trips



10 Service Projects for Kids, Teachers, and the Classroom

35 Service Projects for Kids

Kids Service Projects

Big Brothers Big Sisters (This link allows you to schedule a donation to BBBS.)

100 Ways to Make a Difference in Your Community

50 Community Service Ideas for Teen Volunteers



Screamer Laptop Technology Sites

The Journal-Technology Horizons in Education (Each issue contains news, trends, and “how-to” features for K-12 technology decision-makers. Featured topics include networking, security, policy and advocacy, telecom, hardware/software, the smart classroom, mobile computing and wireless, eLearning, technology funding, professional development, technology support--all the important issues for administration and teaching.)

Dr. Karl Kapp's Educational Technology Blog (Karl is a colleague here at Bloomsburg University of PA, thanks for this terrific blog resource.)

Pete's PowerPoint Station (Thanks, Jess C.)

The Teacher Cast Academy (Dr. Ruffini's Technology Site, investigate his E-CourseMaps for further instructions related to WebQuests and Virtual Field Trips! Michael is a colleague here at Bloomsburg University of PA, thanks for this fine site.)

Teacher World (Dr. Pastore's Technology Site, checkout the massive links! Ray is a colleague here at Bloomsburg University of PA, thanks for this fine site.)

Technology & Learning- The Resourse for Education Technology Leaders

Wordle (Wordle is a toy for generating “word clouds” from text that you provide. The clouds give greater prominence to words that appear more frequently in the source text.You can tweak your clouds with different fonts, layouts, and color schemes.)

Marshall Davis Jones: "Touchscreen" (Thanks Kaitlyn from 2 Husky Women for this fine video learning regarding technology and society-at-large.)



globe spinning Scavenger Hunts How to make a scavenger hunt 

Education World Scavenger Hunts (At the bottom a few published articles related to Scavenger Hunts.)

Variety of Scavenger Hunts 



teacher with A+ National Educational Programs

Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development

National Association for Gifted Children

National Council of the Teachers of English (NCTE)

National Board of Professional Teaching Standards

Newspapers in Education

Phi Delta Kappa International