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Lesson Plan Resources

Charlotte Danielson’s Framework for Teaching and Effective Practice

Danielson's Framework

Anti-Coloring Books

Anti-Coloring Books by Susan Striker

(Allow children to be creative, not just robots coloring inside the lines. These books let children use their imaginations: exciting motivation is provided; a scene is set; children get to put on their thinking caps; exercise their imaginations; and turn on their critical thinking.)


Museums of the World
Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC
Museum of Modern Art, NYC
Guggenheim Museum, NYC
Whitney Museum of Art, NYC
Portland Museum of Art, Maine
Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco
Philadelphia Museum of Art
British Museum
National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.
National Gallery of Art, East Wing Photos, D.C.
Art Lessons
Kinder Art (K art, but the Site has a variety of interests, such as: Drama, Folk Art, Crafts, Cross Curricular Art, Multiculturalism, etc.)
Lesson Plans Page (Lots of lesson plans for every age and skill-level)
Pin Wheels for Peace (features a template of the pinwheel and a Quicktime movie)
Sadako (Making a paper crane and accompanying video and references to Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes story)
NGAkids (Games and activites for kids of all ages)
NGA Classroom (Online lessons and interactives)
DesignMantic (Thanks, Angela from the Philly Social and Ms. Whitfield's class. This site is filled with fun art designs and ideas for children.)
Trash 4 Teachers (Thanks, Brittney P from the Lucky #7 group for this fine video clip showing how the community can come together to support teachers. This is wonderful work that share materials to be reused in the classroom.)

Arts and Crafts Projects for Kids(Thanks, Cindy Powell and her Girl Scout troop. This site helps children explore many and varied fun art projects.)



Productive Art Sites

Draw Space  (This site is free, but it requires a login and a password. There are lots of K - 12 drawing lessons.)

SmartHistory (This site from CA has numerous examples of art in photos and video clips. The site focuses on Art History.)

Eye Magic (This site from England connects optical and biological science and art.)

BU Art and Art History Home Page (This site allows you to view art related courses and art on our campus. Enjoy!)

Art Clips (A plethora of examples of art. Teachers beware, some of the art is of a mature nature.)

Artsonia (This link has student art work and lesson plans. You are able to contact participating teachers and schools, too!)

Kid's Guide to Art (This Web site was sent via email by one of Suzanne Wright's children in the After Skool Art program. Thanks for your fine contribution.)

How to Create Matisse Inspired Cutouts (Thanks, Juan and the 14 the Languages group. This is a superb site that shows through comics artist Matisse showing children how to create his new art form that he created in his old age, cut outs.)

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Frank Lloyd Wright in PA
Artwork in Photos
Pollack Rothko Moore Sculpture
Moore - King and Queen Walking Man Sculpture Brancuzzi Sculptures
BowHunter Sculpture Indian Sculpture Nat.American Sculpture
Calder 2 Calder Mobile DC Sculpture
Korean War Memorial Korean War Memorial Reflections Korean War Memorial 2
Lincoln Memorial Steps Lincoln Lincoln Close-up
Vietnam War Memorial Vietnam War Memorial 2 Vietnam War Memorial 3
Vietnam Memorial Statue Nurses' Statue WWII PA Statue
Washington MonumentWhite house 3Washington Monument 2
White House 2 Capitol White House