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Courses Taught
Dinosaurs (51.103)
Honors Dinosaurs (08.110)
Introduction to Paleontology (51.360)
Introduction to Honors Research (honors course)
Physical Geology and Laboratory (51.101 and 51.111)
Historical Geology and Laboratory (51.102 and 51.112)
Evolution and Intellectual Revolution (Honors Course)
Darwin and the Impact of Evolutionary Thought (Honors Course)
Environmental Geology (51.100)
Field Techniques in Earth Science (51.451)
Field Geology (YBRA field camp/summers)
Independent Study in Earth Science (51.475)
Bibliography and Research (51.493)

B.A. Geology (1973), Lafayette College
M.S. Geology (1977), University of Rochester
Ph.D. Geology (1982), Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Research Interests
     I am an unrepentant paleontologist-fascinated by (almost) all things long dead and gone. My office seems to delight kids of all ages, although its appearance has been known to elicit comments about the aftermath of meteor impacts......My telephone is a T. rex, pterosaurs hang over my head, and modern day trilobite relatives (escapees from the biology labs??) are occasionally spotted making a mad dash for the door. 

     My major area of research is paleoecology. I am interested in discovering the relative roles played by physical and biological factors on the distribution of animals (particularly marine invertebrates) and plants in space and time. I have worked on marine communities of the Ordovician in southwestern Virginia, the Plio-Pleistocene of the northern coast of California, and the Recent tidal flats of the northern Gulf of California. I have also studied growth in solitary corals, the history of dinosaurs in popular culture, and print media coverage of things paleontological.

     I have long been involved with (geo)science education issues and activities. I have just finished co-editing a teachers’ resource book entitled Evolution: Investigating the Evidence (with Judy Scotchmoor, Director of Museum Relations at the Museum of Paleontology, UC-Berkeley), and co-authored  Evolution and the Fossil Record, a booklet for general audiences (with John Pojeta, USGS, retired). . Paleontology is a terrific vehicle for teaching students about the nature of science and the importance of understanding the history of life on Earth.

Other Activities
Director, Honors Program, Bloomsburg University, 1997-2001
Association for Women Geoscientists, President, 2001-2002
Geological Society of America
National Association of Geoscience Teachers
Paleontological Society
Pennsylvania Academy of Sciences
Pennsylvania Academy for the Profession of Teaching
Pennsylvania Geological Association-State System of Higher Education
Sigma Xi, the Scientific Research Society
Yellowstone-Bighorn Research Association

Recent Publications
Pojeta, J. and D.A. Springer, 2001. Evolution and the Fossil Record. AGI/PS Publication, 26 pp.

Scotchmoor, J. and D. A. Springer (eds.), 1999. Evolution: Investigating the Evidence. Paleontological Society Special Publications, No.9, 406 pp.

Springer, D.A. 1999. Book Review: "To Interpret the Earth" (Schumm). Palaios.

Springer, D.A., F. Alvarez, S. J. Carlson, and D. MacKinnon. 2000. Pan- Paleontologic Issue 3: Human Resources and Education, pp. 19-28, in Fossils and the Future: Paleontology in the 21st Century. Senckenberg-Buch Nr. 74, Waldemar Kramer GmbH, Frankfurt, Germany, 290 p.

MacKinnon, D., S.J. Carlson, F. Alvarez, D.A. Springer, 2000. University Education: the Issues, pp. 259-264,  in Fossils and the Future: Paleontology in the 21st Century. Senckenberg-Buch Nr. 74, Waldemar Kramer GmbH, Frankfurt, Germany, 290 p.

Springer, D.A., 1998, Book Review: "Understanding Fossils" (Doyle). Geotimes, v. 43, pp.35-36.

Cohen, A.S., J. Brown, D. Springer, and P. Holterhoff, 1998. "Linking Spatial and Temporal Scales in Paleoecology and Ecology: a Report of the Penrose Conference." May 1998. GSA Today, v. 8, no. 7, pp. 18-19, 21.

Springer, D.A., 1997. "Geology in the Popular Press: Paleontology's Greatest Hits." Geotimes, v. 42, pp. 20-23.

Some Paleontology and Geology Links
DYNAMIC HISTORY OF THE EARTH-LIFE SYSTEM: A Report to the National Science Foundation on Research Directions in Paleontology
North American Paleontological Conference: June 26 - July 1, 2001, Berkeley, CA
YBRA Field Camp, Montana
The National Conference on the Teaching of Evolution


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