Equator Run

I will have an Equator Party when I finish running the circumference of the earth. I started at the Prime Meridian on September 25, 2010. The mileage is real even if the actual running takes place far from the equator. Progress is shown on the map below. You can manipulate the map with your mouse.

The Line Islands (01/15/19)
International Date Line (03/04/18)
Gilbert Islands (11/23/17)
Marshal Islands (10/20/17)
Sulawesi (07/12/15)
Borneo (02/07/15)
West Sumatra (11/18/14)
Indonesia (11/08/14)
Batu Islands (10/19/14)
Maldives (11/10/13)
Indian Ocean (08/07/12)
Somalia (07/13/12)
Kenya (04/21/12)
Democratic Republic of the Congo (07/20/11)
Republic of the Congo (05/25/11)
Gabonese Republic (03/12/11)
Prime meridian (09/25/10)
Current distance: 15450.6 miles
Equator distance: 62.0%
Last updated: August 18, 2019

My summer and fall focus is usually the Wineglass Race Series in Corning, NY. 2018 result.

I ran once in Iceland, around midnight with the sun still up, but that was in the city. I will race there someday.

Some local favorites:

All day he ran. He did not rest. He seemed made to run on forever. His iron-like body ignored fatigue. And even after fatigue came, his heritage of endurance braced him to endless endeavour, and enabled him to drive his complaining body onward.

White Fang, 1905