Object-Oriented Programming with Java

This course is an introduction to object-oriented programming in Java for students with no prior programming experience. It is the first course for computer science majors at Bloomsburg University and provides a solid foundation for the more advanced software courses in the computer science curriculum.

Java is a programming language and software platform used by millions of developers worldwide to create applications for everything from mobile devices and desktop computers to large-scale distributed systems and supercomputers. The design and implementation of a software system can be a massively complex process, like building a skyscraper, with teams of developers working for years to design, code, test, debug, configure, and deploy the various components of the system. This complexity can be managed through the use of object orientation, a philosophy of programming based on the creation of abstract bundles of data and behaviors that model meaningful entities in the problem domain.

Students successfully completing the course will be able to:

The two-semester Java sequence (COMPSCI 121/122) covers all of the topics on Oracle's Java SE 8 Programmer 1 certification exam.

Drue Coles
Mathematical and Digital Sciences
Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania